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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Infrastructure Committee

July 27, 2010

Attendance: Kevin Laverty, Bill Johnson, Eileen Mulvena, Michael Schleigh, Billy Smith, Craig Totaro, Stephen Wagner

Visitors/Public Comment: None

Old Business

2010 Sewer

  1. Garguile Contract – Bonds acquired and contracts signed by week of August 2, 2010
  2. Bryn Mawr/Eldon MH Locations and Marlyn Park Lining – Will require the location and possible excavation of eight manholes as well as the installation of approximately 300-400 ft new line (to abandon an existing line) and lining of approximately 1,500 feet of line in Marlyn Park. Estimated cost: $150,000.
  3. Need to update to John Murray H20 Program – By November 1, 2010 the Borough will have completed the improvements necessary to fulfill grant obligations.

2010 Storm

  1. DELCORA Lateral Report – Materials created by DELCORA will be put on the website
  2. Hillside Nursery Bill – Reviewed billings for road improvements related to storm water

2010 Paving

  1. A.F. Damon Contract – Recommendation and discussion regarding contract valued at $50,000.
  2. Final Priority List – Discussed mapped out priority paving list.

PA Conservation Works – Lights

  1. Active Survey Phase – Awaiting verification that mapping has been complete.

Old Business

  1. Theatre Crosswalk – Reviewed plan. Discussed PENNDOT requirements.
  2. Resurfacing Basketball Courts – The Borough has received bids. Will be discussed at Park and Recreation Meeting.
  3. Sycamore Wall – Completed
    3a. Marlyn Park Wall – Discussed replacement of damaged wall at park entrance. Will consult with expert regarding cost and feasibility.
  4. Replacement of storm damaged lights – Six lights total should be replaced with new materials within 8-10 weeks.
  5. Gateway Park, American Rivers Letter – Discussed and reviewed letter requesting release of funds allocated.
  6. Hoffman Park streambank restoration – Awaiting receipt of permit to begin work.
  7. Resevoir Park streambank restoration – Awaiting receipt of permit to begin work.

New Business

    1. NDI Billing Cycle
    2. Letter to PennDot – Letter to PennDot reviewed seeking repair of roadway at Baltimore Avenue and Scottdale Road.
    3. Repair of surface in Borough Yard – Discussed feasibility and cost.
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