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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Infrastructure Committee

April 27, 2010  


Kevin Laverty 

Eileen Mulveena 

Michael Schleigh 

Billy Smith 

Craig Tortaro  

Visitors/Public Comment:  

Ellyn and George Weir

296 West Plumstead Avenue

Lansdowne, PA 19050 

Mr. and Mrs Weir discussed their concerns about a sink hole that opened along the sidewalk that they share with ther neighbor going to their front entrances at 294 and 296 West Plumstead. They are seeking $2,800.00 for the cost of excavation and restoration of the sidewalk and fence which they believe is the Borough’s responsibility. 

The Committee will discuss this issue with full Council. The Committee as Mr. and Mrs. Weir to reach out to their home insurance carrier to get their written report denying coverage. 

Old Business   

I. Sanitary Sewer

  • Restoration of E. Essex 
    • Discussed fact that restoration is needed.  Reported thatJJD will perform base restoration immediately under the existing sewer contract. The winning 2010 Liquid Fuels bidder will perform final restoration. 
  • Root Treatment of 6 and 8 Sewer Lines  
    • This work was postponed from last week. Mr. Laverty reports that this work will commence in approximately two weeks. 
  • Mapping  Project 
    • The manholes and underground sewer lines will be mapped at no cost to the Borough by the Delaware County. 
  • Bryn Mawr/ Eldon  Avenues 
    • Mr. Laverty reports that manhole was located and exposed. The area where the manhole was rediscovered has been used recently as a yard waste dumping sight by residents. Residents encouraged not to put their wast in the area on a going forward basis.  
    • Discussed JJD potential pipe bursting work and manhole alignment work. 
    • Discussed Marlyn Park lining schedule and scope. 

II.  Storm Sewer

  • Lansdowne Avenue and Pennock Terrace 
    • Lansdowne avenue section: work performed 04/01/10. Complete. $3,884.50 
    • Pennock Terrace section waiting (Aqua) realignment of water main. ($570.00 to date) 
    • Discussed that project is a 2009 Liquid Fuels approved project. 
  • Baltimore Avenue Inlets 
    • work performed 04/08/10 and 04/09/10. Complete – 2 @ $4,500 ea. 
    • This was a 2009 LF approved project   
  • Scottdale Road at Shrigley Park 
    • Discussed performing this project in-houes and deferring its commencement until it is dryer in mid-summer.  
  • Union Avenue Flood Remediation Update 
    • This project requires ongoing conceptual development. Potential for consideration for a 2011 federal grant.  Discussed and viewed underground interlocking retention cells to hold overflow. Further discussion with full Council set for next meeting. 
  • Belmont Park Paper Street 
    • Discussed staff proposal to pave east lane and steer storm water into west lane/ park (est. $25-$30k).   

III. 2009 Paving

  • Green Street  – AF Damon will do this under the 2009 contract. Est is $25,000 
  • 2010 Paving and storm: Bill Johnson and Chief Kortan scheduled to survey streets April 28, 2009. 
    • Discussed need to retract motion to apply 2010 Liquid Fuels monies to Union Avenue Sewer because of 2011 grant potential. Need to motion to apply 2010 Liquid Fuels monies to street and inlet repairs. 
    • Kevin Laverty will identify 4+ inlets for repair. 

IV. New Business   

1. Paving   

A. Alley behind 234 Wabash Avenue and homes on Windsor Avenue   

Committee expected resident participation which never occurred. Mr. Smith will attempt to contact concerned residents to foster continued talks and perhaps come to an amicable resolution. 

2. Facilities  

Discussed fire alarm/siren repair and need for alarm.  

 A. Library Air Conditioning 

Discussed library air conditioner. HVAC expert recommended by Michael Taylor to come and diagnose issues on first hot day of the season. 

B. Street Lights 

Discussed resident concerns regarding lack of street lights in Gladstone Manor. Viewed photos taken by Lansdowne Bourough PD. Developing.

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