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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance Committee

October 5, 2009

Present: Joe Bartley, Sharon Coleman, Ellen Lustgarten, Billy Smith, Craig Totaro, Stephen Wagner

There were no visitor comments.

The Committee reviewed the status of the 2010 budget that reflected the consolidation of requests of the Department heads. This preliminary budget resulted in $285,000 in expense over revenue. The Committee reviewed potential revenue increases and expense cuts to cover this shortfall.

As part of the budget discussion, the Committee reviewed the options for the 2010 Minimum Municipal Obligation (MMO). The Committee is recommending to the full Council that the 2009 Valuation Report be used to determine the MMO and, as such, that $571,000 be budgeted in 2010 for the police pension. If approved, a revised resolution will need to be passed by Council.

Ms. Lustgarten reported on a meeting that was held to discuss logistical changes and the transition to a new Tax Collector in 2010.

The Committee discussed holding an orientation for newly elected Council members after January 1st.

The Committee reviewed the request of a resident for a refund of an overpayment of a trash fee. The Committee is recommending that the resident be refunded overpayment for the prior 3 years.

The next quarterly meeting for the Police Pension Committee will be held November 2nd at 6:30. The Finance Committee meeting will be held the same night following the Police Pension Committee meeting.

The Committee adjourned to Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter.

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