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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance and Administration Committee

October 4, 2010

Present: Joe Bartley, Sharon Coleman, Janet English, Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle, Craig Totaro, Stephen Wagner, Jayne Young, Chief Dan Kortan, Erica Sollberger, Michael Jozwiak

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The purpose of this Committee meeting was to begin the process for developing the 2011 budget. Directors of the Police, Codes and Park and Recreation Departments provided the Committee with revenue and expense information for each of their departments. Discussions were held regarding projected revenue and expense for the 2010 year-end and for the 2011 budget year. In addition to routine costs, requests were made for specific, one-time purchases. The Committee also had an extensive discussion on the allocation of projected Codes revenue to be received for major development projects occurring over the next two years.

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