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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance Committee

November 30, 2009

Present: Joe Bartley, Sharon Coleman, Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle, Michael Schleigh, Billy Smith, Craig Totaro, Jayne Young

There were no visitor comments.

The Committee reviewed the 2010 General Fund and Sewer Fund budgets for final recommendation to the full Council. The millage will be set at 10.585, representing a 4% increase. The proposed increase in the Sewer fee is 4.5% which is needed to cover the additional $117,000 expense being charged by the County Sewer Authority.

Ms. Lustgarten reported that a new arbitration date for the Police contract, if needed, has been moved from January to March.

The Committee will recommend to the full Council that it pass a Resolution supporting HR3007. HR3007 is being presented in Congress in support of providing federal funding directly to small and mid-sized municipalities instead of funds being passed through county and state governments.

The Committee adjourned to Executive Session.

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