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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance Committee

May 5, 2008

Present: Joseph Bartley, Sharon Coleman, Ellen Lustgarten, Craig Totaro,
Absent: Kevin Lee
Guest: Michael Schleigh, DELCORA Representative

There were no visitors’ comments.

Mr. Schleigh presented the Committee with issues he believes the Borough needs to address related to DELCORA’s charges to the Borough. These issues include whether or not DELCORA is using the correct number of EDU’s as its basis of charging the Borough and the inconsistent charging of EDU’s between different municipalities. Mr. Bartley, Mr. Totaro and Ms. Lustgarten will be working to gather more information on these issues, assess the financial implications and work with Mr. Scott on any redress as appropriate based on the findings.

The annual Audit has been submitted.

The Audit of the Police Pension and the Non-Uniform Pension Funds have been completed. There were two findings from the Police Pension Fund audit and one finding from the Non-Uniform Pension audit that were carried over from prior years. One finding from the Police Pension audit related to the misallocation of state pension contribution money to the Non-Uniform fund and has already been rectified. The correction will be noted in the final audit report. The Borough Solicitor is working on the second finding concerning language for an Ordinance tracking the state pension requirements. The finding of the Non-Uniform fund related to a 2005 error in reporting the number of employees and the associated payment. This will also be which will be corrected upon receipt of an invoice from the state.

The Borough Manager shared the work he has done on creating a system of objectively evaluating staff positions to ensure equitable compensation. The Committee and Borough Manager will continue to work on this system.

SB777 has passed in the Senate and is in the House. This bill amends the Municipal Claims Tax Lien Act and allows municipalities to charge interest from the date of delinquencies instead of from the date of the lien. Municipalities have been asked to present resolutions in support of this amendment.

The Committee reviewed a request from a resident to waive their trash fee and an abatement of all or some of their taxes. The resident is currently not living in the home that is being rehabbed and, as such, feels she should not be liable for these taxes and fees. The Committee recommends denying this request.

The Committee has asked Mr. Bartley to research the application of a new PennVest Loan. The next application is due on May 20th with the next opportunity to apply on August 18th.

The Committee then adjourned to Executive Session.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, June 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

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