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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance Committee

May 4, 2009

Present: Ellen Lustgarten, Joe Bartley, Craig Totaro
Absent: Kevin Lee, Stephen Wagner

There were no visitor comments.

Mr. Totaro described the requirements for the Department of Energy ARRA Stimulus Grants being applied for through the COG. Applicants must show an energy savings of at least 25% in order to receive grants. The COG is submitting grants for LED traffic lights and LED street lights of which Lansdowne may receive $50,000 for each (total $100,000). The grant is due in June and will be awarded in August or September. Municipalities have 18 months to complete the work covered by the grant.

The Committee reviewed the Capital Reserve Fund expenses approved by the Council during the 2009 budget process and recommends bidding the Highland Avenue parking lot meter box, the new oil burner for the borough yard and a used bucket truck. In addition, the Committee recommends proceeding with the purchase of the Closed Circuit TV for the Police station (approximately $2000).

The Committee recommends hiring summer help again this year to assist the Recreation Director in park maintenance and other tasks. The estimated cost for two temporary employees is $6,500 and there are several places in the budget where these costs can be covered.

Previous research had informed the Borough that we did not have sizable enough receivables to factor the Borough’s outstanding Real Estate taxes. Mr. Bartley is researching whether or not the Borough could factor over $100,000 in Trash and Sewer fees that are outstanding from prior to 2006 which Portnoff Associates has been unable to collect.

The Committee adjourned to Executive Session to discuss a personnel item.

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