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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance Committee

July 7, 2008

Present: Sharon Coleman, Kevin Lee, Ellen Lustgarten, Joseph Bartley, Craig Totaro

There were no visitors’ comments.

The committee continued discussions on evaluating salaries for non-union staff positions. The Borough Manager will begin looking at salaries for comparable positions in other municipalities. The Committee is also discussing issues around annual salary increases being based on performance reviews.

The Finance and Administration Committee supports recommendations from the Infrastructure Committee to changes all the borough’s traffic signal bulbs to LED except for those on Baltimore Avenue (which will be upgraded by Penn DOT at their expense.) The one-time cost for these upgrades is approximately $13,000 and will realize savings of approximately $9,000 annually. The Committee also recommends that the $9,000 savings be used to upgrade streetlights. Note: Delaware Valley Utility Advisors reported that upgrading the streetlights would also result in annual utility savings.

A concern was raised that retiring non-uniform employees do not share the same benefit of continued health insurance as the police retirees. Mr. Lee will research possible scenarios for this benefit to be extended to these retirees so that the Committee can evaluate potential costs.

It was reported that the 2008 payment to DELCORA will be $892,000 and not $826,000 budgeted. The difference is attributed to two appendices of the Darby Creek Joint Authority 2008 budget statement of service charges that was not included in the information provided at the time the Sewer Fund budget was created. It is anticipated that some of this expense may be covered by the potentially reduce expense of sewer repairs using new technology.

The Committee and staff have agreed the following schedule for preparation of the 2009/2010 budgets.

  • July – August – Finance Director creates June Treasurer’s report, reprojects 2008 revenue and expense and works with Department Directors on 2009 revenue and expense projections
  • August 27 – Finance Committee reviews preliminary 2009 budget
  • Weeks of September 15 – September 26 – Council meetings with Department Directors
  • October 6 – Finance Committee revision of General Fund, Liquid Fuels Fund and Sewer Fund
  • November 3 – Finance Committee final draft
  • November 5 – Council meeting present budget for 30-day comment period.
  • December 3 – Council meeting vote to adopt millage
  • December 17 – Council meeting adopt budget

The August Finance and Administration Committee meeting originally scheduled for Monday, August 4 will be held on August 27 in conjunction with the Police Pension Committee.

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