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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance and Administration Committee

February 7, 2011

Present: Joe Bartley, Janet English, Michael Jozwiak, Ellen Lustgarten, Craig Totaro, Stephen Wagner

There were no visitor comments.

Codes Department

  • The Committee and Codes Director reviewed the need for an additional inspector due to the work required by the Shopping Center and Ardmore Avenue school projects as well as the increased need for roofing and other home repair inspections in the Borough. The 2011 budget includes a part-time/temporary position to meet this need for which advertisement will be placed in the next week or two
  • The Committee further discussed implementing a new permit fee schedule for jobs exceeding $1 million. The Committee agreed to keep the current schedule in place.
  • The Codes Director and Borough Manager presented data on rental inspection fee payments. The current Borough Ordinance allows for the doubling of the inspection fee if it is not paid after 2 letters and a phone call. The Committee is recommending contracting with Tri-state, a subsidiary of Portnoff and Associates to collect these unpaid fees.

The 2010 audit is in process. The auditors have done a preliminary payroll and test and are awaiting the usual confirmations from the banks, loan holders, etc.
The audit is due on March 31st.

Recreation Program Fees
The Committee is recommending that the Park and Recreation Director no longer be directly responsible for the management of class enrollment, payments, etc. Instead, the class instructor would rent the 20th Century Club space to hold a class and would take responsibility for enrolling students, accepting fees, etc. The Committee reviewed a draft Recreation Program Vendor Agreement that would be in place between the Borough and the instructor for the use of the space.

Grant Updates
The Borough has received signed agreements for the DCED grants for the 2 police cars and climate control at the 20th Century Club. We are waiting for the agreement for the RACP grant which is under review by the new Governor.

Return on Investment Study
At its next meeting, the Committee will meet with a potential consultant to do a Return on Investment Study related to crime prevention efforts in the Borough

The Committee adjourned to Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter.

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