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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance Committee

February 4, 2008

Present: Sharon Coleman, Kevin Lee, Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle, Craig Totaro

There were no visitors’ comments.

Because the Treasurer was unable to attend the meeting, questions relating to the Final December 2007 Treasurer’s Report, Status of the 2007 Audit and Status/Finalizing the DCED Audit question which were on the meeting agenda were not discussed but were e-mailed to the Treasurer for response.

The Committee reviewed a summary loan schedule prepared by the Borough Manager that lays out the current debt service of the Borough. Two major loans will be paid off in 2008, reducing the Borough’s annual debt service by $170,000.

The Committee began to develop a list of priority capital projects including renovations in Hoffman Park, air conditioning for the 20th Century Club, renovations to 20 Lansdowne Court and monies for sewer projects – specifically Scottdale Road/Gateway Park. The Finance and Administration Committee is requesting all the Council committees discuss potential capital projects and forward a list to the Borough Manager by the end of February. The Finance Committee will then review a comprehensive list to begin to look for funding sources.

Mr. Totaro is beginning to complete the Appropriations Request form to submit to Congressman Sestak’s office. Applications to the Congressman’s office are due March 31st.

The Finance Committee is recommending to Council that the Borough purchase the backhoe that it has been leasing for several months @$2500/month. The base cost of the backhoe is $64,950 (State bid price) and the $15,000 spent for 6 months of leasing will be applied to the purchase price by the vendor. The remaining $49,500 needed to purchase the equipment can be taken from the Capital Reserve Fund.

Due to concerns raised by residents, the Finance Committee has reviewed the current Codes Department fee schedule for permits. The Committee is recommending that the fee schedule be revised so that permits for jobs costing $1000 or less be given to residents at no charge and to contractors at 1/2 of the current permit price. It is estimated that the budgetary impact would be approximately $7,000 in revenue.

The Committee adjourned to Executive Session for a Personnel discussion.

The Committee reviewed its agenda for the upcoming year and agreed that its first priorities are:
Review of staff salaries, evaluations and salary increases
Professional audit

The next meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee is Monday, March 3rd at 7:00.

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