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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance and Administration Committee

December 6, 2010

Present: Joe Bartley, Janet English, Ellen Lustgarten, Craig Totaro, Stephen Wagner

Guest: Tom Anderson

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MMO Payment: The Committee reviewed options for paying the 2010 Minimum Municipal Obligation for the police pension plan. After reviewing several scenarios with Mr. Anderson, the Committee agreed to recommend to Council that the MMO be paid based on full market value.

2011 Budget: Upon final approval of the 2011 budget, Mr. Bartley will update the revenue and expense analysis, including indirect expenses, to reflect the 2011 budget numbers

HLTC: The Committee reviewed two requests from the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation. The first was to assess whether or not there could be a reduction in the estimated $300,000 in permit fees for the theater project. Mr. Totaro will bring a proposal to the next Finance Committee meeting. The second request from the HLTC was for the Borough to consider leasing the parking lot to the HLTC on nights during which performances are being held. The Committee voted against leasing the Borough parking lot.

Codes Department Fees: The Codes Director had requested that the Committee consider imposing late charges on fees that are not paid on a timely basis. Mr. Totaro will work with Mr. Jozwiak on a proposal for late fees to be reviewed by the Finance Committee at its next meeting.

Recreation program fees: The Committee reviewed the revenue received and costs incurred for the various recreation programs as well as the staff burden to administer the programs. The Committee is considering changing the process so that the program teachers would pay for the use of the space, communicate directly with the students and retain the payments for the classes. Mr. Totaro will work with Ms. Sollberger to develop a formal plan.

Executive Session: The Committee adjourned to Executive Session to discuss a personnel item.

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