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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance Committee

April 7, 2008

Present: Joe Bartley, Sharon Coleman, Ellen Lustgarten, Craig Totaro
Absent: Kevin Lee

There were no visitors’ comments.

Annual Audit: The fieldwork for the audit is complete. The auditors are preparing the forms and will be submitting them to the state shortly.

Delinquent fee collections: The Tax Collector has submitted to Portnoff the list of delinquent trash and sewer fees for the year 2007. As in the past, the Finance Committee is recommending that Portnoff not initiate collection in cases where total delinquent trash and sewer fees are less that $200.

The Committee is also recommending that the Borough’s contract with Portnoff be extended to include collection of property maintenance abatements that the Codes Department has been unable to collect.

Folk Club Request: The Finance Committee is recommending that the Borough support the Lansdowne Folk Club’s request for $1000 sponsoring the Folk Club’s Fifteenth Anniversary.

Staff Salaries/Performance Evaluations: The Committee is beginning a process to create a system of evaluating the salaries of non-union staff positions. The Borough Manager is reviewing files to make sure that employees are current in their Performance Evaluations – either Annual or Probationary.

Delcora: The Borough Manager is working with the Borough’s representative to Delcora to better understand the transition from unit count based billing to metering and the implications for cost.

Right to Know Resolution: The Committee reviewed the revisions to the Right to Know Act. In order to be compliant, the Borough need to:
Designate an Open Records Officer
Implement fee schedule set by state
Develop request form
Create policies and procedures regarding access to records
Post information all of the above on website and at Borough office

The Committee adjourned to Executive Session

Next meeting – May 5, 2008

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