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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Finance Committee

April 6, 2009

Present: Joe Bartley, Ellen Lustgarten, Jeri Steiber, Craig Totaro, Stephen Wagner
Absent: Kevin Lee

There were no visitor comments.

The Committee held a discussion with input from Ms. Steiber on uses, revenues and expenses for the 20th Century Club. At issue is the use of the club as a community center with little fee or no fee revenue or a reception hall generating revenue from weddings and other events. The Committee recommends that no changes be made to the rental fee schedule and that the fee schedule be reviewed in the context of the 2010 budget.

The Committee discussed the fundraising efforts of the Union AA for the July 4th activities and recommends that the Borough sponsor $500 toward the expense of flags.

Mr. Bartley presented an updated expenditure policy for discussion and is taking Committee recommendations back for another revision.

The Committee reviewed a resident’s request to be relieved of trash and sewer fees for her empty rental property. Consistent with other requests of this kind, the Committee agreed that there should be no waiver of the fees.

The Committee reviewed a proposal from the Delaware Valley Health Insurance Trust (DVHIT) for employee health benefits. DVHIT is also providing the borough a quote for liability and workers compensation insurance.

Based on a request from a property owner, the Committee discussed trash collection expenses for commercial properties consisting of a business as well as apartments. In these situations, the property owner pays a private hauler for trash collection for the business and trash fees to the Borough for the apartments. The Committee was split on whether or not to allow the apartment trash to be collected by the private hauler and waive the Borough trash fee and will bring the issue to the full Council for discussion.

The Senior Center has requested a donation from the Borough again this year which the Committee recommends supporting.

The Borough is in need of a new small trash truck. Staff are providing information on costs.

The Committee adjourned to Executive Session.

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