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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

September 10, 2009

Present: Barbara Silzle, Ellen Lustgarten, Joe Urban, Craig Totaro. Also attended were Betsy Riffert, borough staff, and Elliott Borgman of the committee’s resource network.


  • Businesses:
    • Various options were discussed to increase the recycling of small businesses in town. One option is to get an ABATIBI paper retriever to go into Highland Avenue lot next to the igloos. Betsy Riffert presented info on this 2-ton paper recycling dumpster to increase the recycling of businesses in town. Another option is to get more recycling bins on the streets in the business areas and ask businesses to use them. Barbara will meet with Pat Arone of the LBPA to ask her thoughts on the options, and to inquire about which businesses generate paper.
    • The idea of the borough charging businesses a small yearly fee to provide and pick up recycling containers was discussed and found not feasible. (Curb pickups are not desired, and not all businesses have alleyways.)
  • Apartment Inspections. Mike Joswiak will be asked to report on how this new program is going at the October meeting. The borough’s data base bas been modified to accommodate the recycling requirement.
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on Plumstead. Betsy will contact the church to inquire what they are requesting of the borough: the amount and types of recycling they generate, what they are paying now for recycling, etc., and then the committee will evaluate.

Yard Waste program

  • New site: Working out well; they do take paper bags.
  • Biodegradable plastic bags. While they are on the market, we encourage use since our crew won’t be able to distinguish the biodegradable plastic from the regular plastic.
  • 2010 magnets. Most economical way to make the recycling magnets available to all households. Internal deadline end of October.

New Initiatives

  • Community Beautification Day. Possible connection with Earth Day 2010.
  • Storm drains. Kevin and Bill manage. Craig will follow up with Kevin to assure drains are cleared out; the crew does this once year. Weeds are also a problem obstruction.


  • ICLEI Data. Craig distributed borough inventory. Should be as easy as bringing software in and input data. Betsy will input. Will upload to ICLEI if possible. Then Craig will review.
  • Trees on Baltimore Pike. Planting expected to occur in November, from Rigby to Union in Lansdowne, then East Lansdowne.
  • Shade Tree ordinance. Barb will review other borough ordinances provided by Mary Lou Jennings of the Tree Board.
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