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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

November 13, 2008

Attendees: Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle, Stephen Wagner, Craig Totaro

  1. WASTE

    a. The committee determined that the solid waste program (changing the trash and recycling pick-ups) involves a number of issues that will require further study; the committee will immediately begin to develop education and enforcement programs in an effort to increase borough-wide recycling and ensure proper trash and solid waste disposal. Martyn Murray will be asked to attend the committee’s December 11 meeting. Having served in public works and now in the codes department, Mr. Murray’s input will inform the enforcement and education programs.
    b. Enforcement: State and municipal requirements/ordinances will be reviewed; changes may need to be made to reflect the borough’s current recycling program. The borough’s recycling ordinance #1097, dated 8/15/1990, would be stricter than the state’s. Craig will provide the borough’s history of solid waste/recycling ordinances to the committee.
    c. Education: the comprehensive program to be developed will include the residents, businesses, and borough staff to assure there is consistent understanding of the policies.
    d. The committee is considering expanding the curb-side, monthly organic pickup beginning in 2010. Current schedule is May-October; under consideration is April-November. Craig will investigate if there are county parameters to be considered.
    e. The committee discussed creating a community document shredding day (assuming the shredded materials can be recycled).
    f. Wildman Arms is now recycling paper.
    g. Recycling in the schools and at the ballparks will be discussed at the upcoming Education Committee meeting; Ellen is on that committee. Superintendent Bruni and school board members Hoff and Hummel will attend.


    a. Street weeds

    i. Gene Wayne asked the borough manager to explore what the borough could do to remove weeds in the streets along the curb-line, as residents don’t always pull them and they look unsightly. The borough’s sweeper could alternate every other week with weed maintenance. The committee decided not to pursue such a program now so as not to incur overtime or disrupt the street sweeping.

    b. Trash/Recycling bins: business district and home use

    i. Craig will provide price summary for Dec. mtg:

    1. 24 gallon tubs for homes (# needed for ’09)
    2. bins for train stations (#4)
    3. prices for both side-by-sides and single bins to be placed throughout the business districts (Shadeland, Marshall one is there now, Plumstead, Tudor row at bus stop, corner of Lansdowne and Baltimore, another on Lansdowne Ave).

    ii. Pick-up schedules:

    1. public trash cans are picked up every Monday/Wed/Fri
    2. public recycling cans are picked up according to the recycling schedule of the area

    c. Shade Tree Ordinance. The work on this draft ordinance will be reactivated in early 2009.

    d. Auto/Homes/Freebee “newspaper” bins. The committee wants to be able to remove the numerous, large containers that have been placed throughout and clutter the downtown area. Barbara will send Stephen, Ellen and Craig the information Solicitor Scott provided.

Next meeting: Thursday, December 11, 2008 7pm

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