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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

May 14, 2008

In attendance: Committee members Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle (chair), and Stephen Wagner, Borough Manager Craig Totaro, and Mary Lou Jennings, Chair of the Shade Tree Board.

There were no visitor comments at the meeting.

  • Reviewed proposed Shade Tree Ordinance with Mary Lou Jennings that would establish a shade tree corridor. A revised version will be considered at the next meeting.
  • Craig Totaro provided information about the trees that fell throughout the borough in the recent storm. Some closed roads and downed telephone wires/poles. All are cleared now.
  • The Baltimore Avenue Corridor Revitalization Plan’s project to put trees along both sides of Baltimore Pike, from Lansdowne to Union Avenues, is moving forward.
  • Gateway Park project: A Scope and Field View session related to the trail alignment will be held May 20th. Joe Urban received invitation; Bob Scott, Craig Totaro, representatives from the county and the Riverkeepers will attend. The actual site plan for the 10′ wide asphalt pedestrian bike/trail way that will connect the pavilion to Baltimore Pike will be unveiled.
  • The Committee discussed the Greater Gladstone Civic Associations’ requests related to the Island. Craig is obtaining price quotes from PECO to move the electricity underground, and from AQUA PA to install a water spigot. The committee will consider all the requests after these quotes have been obtained.
  • The Recycling Survey results will be tabulated; issues to follow up on and resolve will be identified.
  • An Acceptance letter has been submitted to DEP pertaining to the grant award.
  • The Committee requested that portable recycling containers be purchased for use at the 20th Century Club and public events throughout the borough.
  • Recycling bins for all the business districts will be purchased; ideas from the LBPA were solicited and will be considered as we move forward.
  • The 2007 Recycling Report (apartment complexes, businesses, churches, etc) is 90% done; due in July to DEP.
  • Craig attended an initial meeting to establish a Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Will get methodology for our own emissions.
  • The investigation into our ability to remove the free-standing advertising containers along Baltimore and Lansdowne Avenue continues.

The June meeting will be changed from the 11th. It will be an evening meeting and Barry Malone, chair of the Recreation and Park Board will be in attendance.

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