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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

May 13, 2010

Present: Barbara Silzle, Chair; Ellen Lustgarten; Michael Schleigh. Craig Totaro, Borough Manager.

Greater Gladstone Civic Association Island Plan
Melissa Englund, president, presented a plan for the Gladstone Island. The Park & Rec board and Planning Commission have reviewed and approved/recommended the plan for Borough Council’s consideration.

Long term improvements to the Island:
In order of priority: 1) Improved electrical service; 2) Access to the Island; 3) Installation of a Plaza; 4) Low-Maintenance Hardscape Borders; 5) Placement of Additional Seating (4 total and possible bus shelter).

The Environment Committee will review the issues, gather the information necessary to make a recommendation to Borough Council, including ADA accessibility to the Island, and will get back to the GGCA with any questions/comments.

Immediate request:
The Environment Committee unanimously agreed to recommend at the May General meeting that Council approve the placement of 2 benches donated by Giant Food Stores, providing the borough manager find a way to remove/obscure the promotional labels on the benches.

MS-4 multi-municipal project
Mr. Totaro Federal provided an update. No action required.

SWANA Recycling Technical Assistance Study
The Committee provided follow-up questions for Gannett Fleming; Craig Totaro will submit. The Cmte expects to review their response at the next Environment Cmte meeting.

Park & Recreation Board Oversight
The Committee discussed municipal contracting and the need for it to be handled at the staff/Council level to insure legal requirements are met. The committee will ask Solicitor Scott to draft an amendment to ordinance 966 that addresses the issue of municipal contracting and bidding.

Earth Saturday @ Farmers Market, June 5
The Committee will have a table to educate residents about the borough’s environmental services. Barbara and Ellen will be present.

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