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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

March 12, 2009

Attendees: Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle, Craig Totaro; Absent: Stephen Wagner
Visitors: Elliot Borgman, Suzanne McElroy


  • Discussed the Blue Mountain contract. Craig is aligned with a group of municipalities that have decided to only pay the $10/ton, not the underage.
  • Craig and Ellen will work on calculating trash and recycling pick up costs to measure the impact of changing pick ups to 1x/wk trash and 1x/wk recycling. Will also calculate trash @ 2x/wk for 4-5 summer months.
  • DEP recycling grant: $6899 remaining; Craig will find out deadline. Reimbursement for $87,000 for the trash truck and education/newsletter elements will be forthcoming from the DEP after receipts from the post office are retrieved and the request for reimbursement is resubmitted.
  • Recycling at Ardmore School. Craig spoke with Joe Otto and Rich (operations) and they want to move forward. Next step is to bring Bill Johnson in. Craig will contact Rich directly to arrange. Would be done via usual borough recycling route pick up.
  • Pick-up schedule and borough-wide composting. Craig is exploring a multi-municipal leaf composting site that could happen by the next leaf season. In the meantime, we’re encouraging residents to compost.
  • Enforcement: The committee is exploring options for imposing fines on those who aren’t in compliance with the state mandate and Lansdowne’s recycling ordinance.

Yard Waste: Current curb-side pick up schedule is May-October. May possibly expand the organic yard waste pick up program to year-round; Craig will check with the composting yard to determine when they can accept our truck collection.

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) Elliot Borgman, from the Committee’s Resource Network, presented information for the committee to consider. ICLEI is an association of local governments that have made a commitment to building sustainable development. Includes 900 towns internationally, few municipalities in PA (including West Chester, Radnor, Haverford Township, Narberth, Nether Providence, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh). Elements:

  • Community Action. First step is to make a commitment via resolution that affirms the borough’s commitment. Bob Scott will be contacted.
  • Identify Climate Champion. Could be this committee. If signed up, we’d have to purchase emissions software to inventory/evaluation emissions. A volunteer would be needed. First we need to find out what our appetite is as a borough. (Reduce energy use, utilities and gas bills go down.) It could be beneficial that Lansdowne is a Classic Town and there is a transit overlay district.
  • Mayor’s Proclamation.

Wind Power – The cost for the borough to invest in wind power would be roughly $13,000 per year. The Committee does not recommend incurring this additional expense at this time; will keep in consideration as part of a comprehensive green program.

PhillyCarShare. Suzanne McElroy, of the Committee’s Resource Network, researched and provided info; Craig will apply. ZipCar is an alternative service.

Trees in Central Business District. Discussed ordinance to protect the trees that were recently planted in the central business district.

Growing Green Grant Restoring stream bank at Hoffman Park. Awarded $86,000 + 15% match. Craig has until April 30th to execute contract. Probably 6 months before RFP to do the work.

Accurate Recycling plant. Waiting for a copy of Accurate’s application to DEP from the DEP’s environmental advocate.

Removal of the large the plastic boxes containing free printed material throughout the central business district. Expect some in front of Dunkin Donuts will go away; if not Craig will contact business owners.

Guests at future meeting: Mary Lou Jennings, Jeri Staibler and Sherry Spinracker (Park & Rec Board chair) will be invited to a portion of the April meeting.

Next meeting: will not be April 9th; will be rescheduled.

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