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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

March 11, 2010

Present: Barbara Silzle, Ellen Lustgarten, Michael Schleigh; Betsy Riffert, Assistant to the Borough Manager

Guest: John Butler, Delaware Valley Utility Advisors

  1. Public Comment
    • Elliott Borgman. Inquired about an intern working on ICLEI this summer.
  2. Delaware Valley Utility Advisors – John Butler.
    • Discussion around how the borough might shop for energy in new markets with the deregulation coming up in January 2011. Insufficient pricing information is available; no action be taken by the borough at this time.
  3. Delaware County Solid Waste Authority 2008, 2009 Reports.
    • Betsy will obtain for the committee to review at a later date.
  4. Recycling
    • 2009 Solid Waste Annual Report
      • Numbers due today from the haulers. Betsy will have report at the April meeting.
    • The Gannett Felming SWANA Recycling Technical Assistance Study on sustaining an affordable waste management program is expected soon.
    • February Diversion
      • 17.1% (17% 2009) yr-to-date: 20.4%
      • On target for 2010 goal of 20%
    • Apartment Recycling/Enforcement.
      • Wildman Arms’ B bldg: the “no newspapers” sign is wrong: newspapers are now being recycled behind B Building.
    • Request from Lutheran Church
      • A representative be invited to a meeting to discuss request with the committee.
  5. Make Lansdowne Beautiful Day
    • Promotion
      • Banner going up 3/18
      • Business outreach on target
      • Flyers prepared by Betsy; will be distributed by Barbara
    • Materials
      • Betsy working on 2-sided handout piece
      • Instructions for the day approved
      • Map of area: google earth
      • Sign-in sheet developed
      • Betsy will contact PennDot for vests.
    • Chief Kortan will have an officer give a talk to participants; he will increase patrol.
  6. Wawa neighborhood trash concern.
    • The committee will ask Bill Johnson, director of public works, for a recommendation on how/where we could put a trash can/resolve persistent issue.
  7. Marlyn Park Master Site Plan.
    • Process ongoing; planning committee and public meetings continue. Expect recommendations to be presented to Council at April business meeting.
    • Michael mentioned the sanitary line collapse at the end of Bryn Mawr Avenue deadend that might need to be excavated.
  8. Clean Energy/Climate Change Resolution.
    • The committee supports a draft resolution to encourage Senators Specter and Casey to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate change legislation in 2010. The resolution will go to the full council for a vote at Council’s General Meeting on March 17, 2010.
  9. Executive Session
Classic Towns
No Place for Hate
Storm Water
Borough Pics