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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee Minutes

March 10, 2011

Present: Barbara Silzle (chair); Ellen Lustgarten, Michael Schleigh

  • Recycling. In light of the changes in trash and recycling program beginning in January:
    • Reviewed Diversion rate for January (30%) and February (33%) against target for the year (25%).
    • Tracking revenue of sales of recyclables. Budgeted $12,000 revenue; to date the borough has earned over $4700.
    • The committee is interested to see what happens with the Delaware County tipping fee.
  • Tree Commission. The committee reviewed draft ordinance; has questions for solicitor.
  • Downtown trash & recycling cans
    • Waiting for information from the HARB.
  • EnergyWorks! Barbara will arrange for workshop to be conducted by the Energy Coordinating Agency to provide information to residents about this government program created to enable homeowners to conduct home energy audits and undertake improvements.
  • Expanded Plastics Education
    • Blue Mountain Recycling created a one page information piece that will be distributed in next Borough newsletter- Blue Mountain contributed $200 to the printing cost.
    • The flyer will also be available at Keep Lansdowne Beautiful Day April 16th.
  • Keep Lansdowne Beautiful Day April 16th. Planning continues.
  • Marlyn Park Master Site Plan
    • Meeting requested by neighbors re restoration and sewer work.
  • Vines.
    • The committee is focusing on educating the public about the danger of vines in trees and asked the Park Director to write an information piece for the upcoming Borough newsletter.
  • Park & Recreation board
    • There are two openings on the 9-member board. Barbara and Sherry (board chair) are meeting with a prospective candidate.
    • The committee brainstormed other possible board members.
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