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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

June 11, 2009

Present: Barbara Silzle, Joe Urban, Craig Totaro and Mike Jozwiak (through #1)

  1. Recycling Program
    • a. Monthly reporting for all routes: It needs to be determined if it’s important to track the tonnage by route.
    • b. Ardmore Avenue playing fields: Craig will follow up with public works and the school district to see if recycling cans be placed at the fields that Lansdowne’s public works crew would empty.
    • c. Apartments/Condos:
      • i. Effective immediately, the codes department will incorporate recycling compliance into apartment rental inspections. The Rental Application will be edited to convey that recycling is required by state law and borough ordinance. The inspection will include capturing the types of recycling collected, the physical space/recycling containers provided, and the hauler name for commercial units (when 7 or more units). Mike will supply quarterly reports to this committee. It needs to be determined if the weight of each type of recycling material must indeed be reported, or if it’s unnecessary now that Lansdowne utilizes single-stream.
      • ii. At this time the committee decided against the borough offering to pick up recyclables at apartments with 6 or few units for a fee; it will revisit at a later date.
  2. ICLEI. Lansdowne is now a member. A borough intern will start 6/15/09 and will work on gathering data for input into the ICLEI database to establish the borough’s energy consumption baseline. Elliot Borgman of the Resource Network will provide some oversight.
  3. Borough Green Spaces/parklets: Joe Urban confirmed that the parklets and green spaces throughout the borough are under the purview of the Park & Rec board, including the Gladstone “pocket parks,” Borough Green, and Memorial Park, and the board needs to fit them into their inspection schedule. Highway takes care of the grasses, etc.; Jeri Steiber oversees. Four or 5 slivers of properties also assigned to them.
  4. Earth Saturday 6/6/09: Barbara reported on her participation at a table providing info on the borough’s recycling and environmental services, and an opportunity to get feedback from residents, collect names/addresses of residents who need recycling bins, and to conducted an informal survey with one question: If the borough were to change its trash and recycling program to collect trash once a week and recycling once a week, would you be for it, yes or no? 25 of 28 said Yes. One of the No’s said his No was temporary while his kids were in diapers, another No would be Yes if we had 2x week pick up in the summer months (which we’re considering). Several residents in borough apartments complained that recycling was not collected in their apartment house/complex/condos

    At Jeri Steiber’s suggestion, Craig will look into if there’s a place to display the information panels that the Park & Rec board created for Earth Saturday, such as at a council meeting.

  5. Fires/grilling in parks: The process for allowing grilling in Hoffman Park was reviewed. Jeri Steiber issues a permit and grilling is allowed in a designated location. No grilling or fires are allowed in any other Lansdowne parks.
  6. Gladstone Manor water to island. The borough continues to work with the GGCA.
  7. Marlyn Park Master Site Plan. Stakeholders, including residents, Park & Rec board members, Borough Council, the Mayor and borough staff, will all have ample opportunity to voice their opinions in the community process.
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