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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

July 9, 2009

Present: Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle, Joe Urban, Craig Totaro
Guests: Bill Johnson, Public Works; Ross Gerson, Intern

  1. ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA: Ross Gerson, borough intern, presented a status report on data collection to establish a baseline of the borough’s energy consumption. The s
  2. Yard Waste Program:

    a. Bill Johnson requested a second pick-up be added to the monthly schedule. The committee agreed and will bring the recommendation to Council for approval at the next meeting. The additional pick ups could begin as early as August. Borough staff will coordinate the schedule for the remainder of 2009 and 2010 with the bulk trash pick-ups that also occur on Wednesdays.
    b. Bill Johnson also requested that participation in the yard waste program be mandatory, and that plastic bags be prohibited. The committee did not agree with these requests but will revisit at a later date, once the program has had more time to establish itself and education efforts have had some time to be effective.
    c. Yard Waste pickup dates will be indicated on the 2010 Recycling magnets.
    d. Education efforts will include email blasts and the borough newsletter.
    e. The borough will investigate getting free brown paper yard bags donated.

  3. Cool Foods: The Cool Foods Campaign was introduced at the request of Mary Ann, of Farm Fresh Express. The Cool Foods Campaign educates people about the connection between food and global warming and empowers them with resources to reduce their environmental impact. The goal is to raise public knowledge about the effect of food choice on global warming and promote sustainable alternatives so we can all reduce our “FoodPrint.” They want to inspire people, organizations and businesses across the country to change the way they eat.
  4. Recycling Technical Assistance Grant.

    a. The committee agreed that the borough should apply for a PA DEP grant that provides $7500 technical assistance grants for consultants to come in and assess our recycling program. The committee would be particularly interested in learning how to get more cooperation from apartment complexes and businesses, perhaps learning from other municipalities.
    b. The committee will ask the solicitor if there are state requirements for apartments and commercial properties to provide sufficient recycling facilities/bins. For instance, are there minimums or maximums based on # of units, size of the property, # of people utilizing the property, etc?

  5. Marlyn Park Master Site Plan. A consultant has been hired and an initial mtg of steering committee is being scheduled.
  6. Other Business: The committee would like to find a company that conducts energy audits on homes that would provide a discount to Lansdowne residents. These audits help identify problem areas in the homes, and what action could be taken to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs like drafty doors and windows, etc. Leads should be passed along to Craig to make the inquiry.
  7. Executive Session. The committee addressed one issue.
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