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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

July 28, 2010

Present: Barbara Silzle (chair), Ellen Lustgarten, Michael Schleigh, Borough Manager Craig Totaro. Director of Public Works Bill Johnson was present for much of the meeting.

There were no visitor comments.

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

Borough intern Aaron Colsher presented data he collected on the borough’s energy consumption/carbon emissions for 2009, and provided a comparison to 2005. The fleet data is much more complete in 2009. The most significant improvement is in buildings and facilities: 2005: 4.5 tons, 2009: 1 ton. Mr. Totaro will get data on Lansdowne’s community energy consumption from DVRPC.

Mr. Totaro will make the determination if Lansdowne will renew its ICLEI membership; dues are $600 and funds are available in the recycling line.


The committee discussed the study conducted by Gannett Fleming for which the borough received a grant. Bill Johnson participated in the discussion and his comments informed the committee’s recommendations.

The committee will recommend to the full council that the following waste collection program be implemented and in effect January, 2011:

  1. Trash: collected once a week, behind the house. The committee will bring to council for discussion the option of collecting trash twice a week in June, July and August. [Change from collecting twice a week.]
  2. Recycling: collected once a week, at the curb. [Change from collecting once every two weeks.]
  3. Bulk trash: no change from current system.
  4. Yard Waste: no change from current system.
    The committee discussed changing the collection day to Mondays from Wednesdays to maximize residential participation as many people gather yard waste over the weekends and storage is an obstacle; Mr. Johnson stated it was logistically not feasible without incurring additional overtime costs.

Mr. Johnson suggested and the borough will enforce the following collection policy, which will be in effect immediately after communicating it to residents in the Fall Borough Newsletter:

  • The crew will not pick up any waste if it is put out on the wrong day, or in the wrong manner.
  • Residents should direct any complaints directly to the Public Works Department
    • Public Works will investigate and determine if the waste was appropriately placed and suitable for pickup. The waste will either be picked up by the crew, or the resident made aware of the borough’s disposal procedure for that type of waste so that it can be disposed of properly.


At the June 10, 2010 meeting, the committee reviewed the Greater Gladstone Civic Associations’ improvement plan for the island and decided to defer the issue of the plaza until they were able to submit redrawn plans for the plaza that were to scale and indicated the width of the path, the size of the plaza area, and the materials they propose using, and that incorporates the curb cut as recommended by the borough and the committee. The GGCA submitted a revised plan, and the committee reviewed it. The committee will recommend to council that the plan for the plaza be approved. In addition, the committee reviewed the more detailed drawing of the hardscaping at the northern point of the island (intersection of Walsh & DeForest), and were fine with it.


The committee discussed potential 2011 projects/expenses and recommend the following be incorporated into the budget process:

  • Solid waste public education $3000
  • Wall at Marlyn Park entrance $15,000 capital reserve (not split with Park & Recreation board)
  • Marlyn Park post and rail fence (replacing chain link) $1500 for materials
  • Hoffman Park gazebo $50,000 capital reserve

The committee will hold its next meeting on Thursday, September 9th; the committee will not meet in August.

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