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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

July 16, 2008

In attendance: Committee members Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle, and Stephen Wagner, Jayne Young, Craig Totaro, Bill Johnson, and 4 Public Works drivers (Zane, Billy Johnson, Keith Johnson, Ryan Blair, Mike Gordon).

There were no visitor comments at the meeting.

Trash/Recycling issues with Bill Johnson
The Public Works employees expressed serious concerns and outlined obstacles related to picking up trash behind homes in Lansdowne; they voiced their preference for curb-side pickups. Their concerns included the difficulty for drivers to continuously get in and out of the trucks to remove trash, bulk trash being put in with regular trash, yard waste not being bundled, yard waste in with trash, and cars blocking access to trash cans. The issue of diverting more trash to recycling and possibly moving to a once weekly recycling and trash pickup schedule was also discussed.

The Committee will review the subject further at the August meeting, and will address:

– Educating the residents about trash rules/restrictions
– Enforcement
– Possibly restricting the number of cans/bags that can be picked up behind homes
– Trash/recycling plan that will begin January, 2009
– Policy for apartment houses (less than 6 units)
– Issues to be referred to the Finance Committee (such as staffing patterns, driver salaries)

The Committee will meet with the Public Works employees again in September, and will then make recommendations to council for a trash/recycling plan that incorporates the crew’s concerns.

Other Business
– The committee reviewed the Tree Ordinance pertaining to trees to be planted along Baltimore & Lansdowne Avenues that was referred to the committee at the 7/2/08 Council meeting. The committee recommends that the space be defined by the borough’s Downtown District Redevelopment Plan, exhibit F “Open Space and Circulation”, and that language be added that states any person or entity installing a tree in this area must have borough approval. The revisions will be submitted to Council at the meeting tonight.

– There is a system in place for utilizing the 5 portable recycling units that the borough procured to provide at public events alongside trash cans. The LEDC provides 2 at the weekly Farmer’s Market.

– The committee decided that any issues related to parks would be deferred until the committee structure is resolved vis a vis the Education/Recreation Committee.

– The decision to not hold an August meeting was rescinded so that the Committee could expeditiously address the issues that the Public Works crew brought forward

Future business
– Current utilization of trash & recycling cans throughout business districts and public spaces.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, August 13th at 9:30 am.

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