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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

January 22, 2009

Attendees: Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle, Craig Totaro
Absent: Stephen Wagner
Visitors: Elliot Borgman, resident

  1. Visitors Comments. Elliot Borgman conveyed his interest in the borough reducing its carbon footprint on the municipal level, from borough bldgs, fuels, lights, police cars, sanitation trucks, etc. The committee shares this goal, and agreed to explore conducting a climate action plan analysis/audit; Mr. Borgman will work with the committee to move this forward.
  2. Trash/Recycling Program:Schedule, Education, Enforcement
    • Organic pick-up. The committee discussed expanding the organic curb-side pick up to year-round beginning in 2010 (currently May-Oct). Another possibility is to create an on-demand system, such as the borough has for bulk trash.
    • Row home recycling pick-ups. The recycling pick up location for some row houses will be moved to the back of the house, where the trash is picked up, so that residents won’t have to carry bins of recycling around the block or through their homes to leave in front of the house. This is being done to improve recycling rates. Craig will instruct Billy to change the routes at his discretion.
    • Schedule. The committee will revisit reducing trash to once a week except in summer months, and increasing recycling pick up to once a week. Craig has per-pick up cost of the crew; he will review the costs and present to the committee. The sanitation contract is up 2011.
    • Grants. Ellen will investigate possible grant sources through the Foundation Center. The monies could fund corals and/or side-by-side trash/recycling bins for use throughout the borough business districts, bins for the train stations, and residential bins.
    • Composting. Establishing composting sites throughout the borough would be a long-term goal. For now, encouraging residents to compost will be part of the education effort.

    Barbara will create a rough draft of the education elements for review by the committee, then review with others including borough staff (Craig Totaro, Bill Johnson, Betsy Riffert, Martyn Murray), Mayor Jayne Young, and the resource network.

    The committee agreed in January to begin with enforcement of recycling at apartment complexes throughout the borough. For the first time, the borough will send out a letter in January to apartments and condominiums notifying them that they’re required to recycle and if they are not served by the borough’s curbside program (6 or more units); they are required to arrange for collection and recycling of all designated materials. They must provide written documentation as to the type and weight of materials recycled annually; the reports are due to the borough by January 31. The codes department will incorporate recycling into annual rental inspections. The committee will follow up and ensure that the borough is enforcing this requirement.

    Bob Scott will be consulted in regard to enforcement procedures.

  3. Other Business
    • Floodplain. The floodplain areas around Darby Creek and Falls Run have been reduced; around Lansdowne court has increased. Residents will receive notification from the codes dept by letter. There will a meeting with FEMA, the borough and residents who want to learn more.
    • Marlyn Park Master Site Plan. Craig is working on RFP to go out by March 1st.
    • Encroachments. These are determined as parks are surveyed.
      • Walsh Road-Baltimore Pike. The Penn Dot grant, if awarded, would facilitate dealing with the encroachments. The management of the land and the rock wall along Baltimore are a high priority. If the borough isn’t awarded the Penn Dot grant, we may want to consider capital improvement to secure and bolster the wall, trees, and green space.
      • Marlyn Park. Encroachments will be dealt with through the master site planning process.
    • Baltimore Avenue trees. Craig is working with COG to get more trees planted along Baltimore, from Rigby to Union.
    • Wind power: In response to Jack Covert’s inquiry at the 12/17/08 council meeting, Craig will find out if wind power is available to the borough and get approximate cost from PECO; he’ll report back at the February 12th Environmental Committee meeting. Information will be reported back publicly at the February 18th council meeting.
    • Resource Network. Members are residents Jane Sanders Miller, Suzanne McElroy, Dave Bennett, and now Elliot Borgman. Barbara will have an informal meeting with the group and invite the other committee members.
    • Wm. Penn School District Recycling initiatives. The Superintendent hasn’t come back to the Education/Recreation Committee with his plans yet; it’s hoped he’ll attend their March meeting. Craig will talk to Jayne to see what her communication was with Billie.
    • Newspaper boxes. Craig asked Martyn to get the telephone numbers; Craig will call to see if the owners will remove them.

Next meeting: February 12, 2009 7pm

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