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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

January 14, 2010

Present: Barbara Silzle, Chair; Ellen Lustgarten; Michael Schleigh. Craig Totaro, borough manager.

Public Comment
David Bennett

  • Valley Creek Stream Valley Park Master Plan mtg 1/20. David participated in this process at the request of the borough and will attend. The plan is on the county website; Craig previously provided info to council.
    • Craig will ask Amy Floresta, chair of the planning committee, to attend.
  • Lansdowne Bike plan. The bike group met with the Planning Commission last night to bring them up to date; Feb. 10th will be a public presentation at the planning commission mtg to get public comment. David has served on an ad hoc bike trail committee of the planning commission during the development of the Lansdowne bike trail.

Recycling Diversion Goals

  • The committee set the following diversion rate goals for Lansdowne:
    • 20% by year end 2010
    • 25% by year end 2012
  • The Delaware County Council’s mandatory trash tipping fee that they passed on to municipalities in 2009 went up in 2010. Lansdowne residents will now pay a per-ton fee of $23.45 for disposing of trash, up from $15.90 in 2009. This rate will be in place through 2012.
  • The borough experienced a net loss of over $30,000 in 2009 due to the new county trash fee combined with the cost of disposing of recyclables rather than income from the sale due to the commodities market.


  • Public trash and recycling cans.
    • The staff conducted an inventory of all trash cans in the borough and made recommendations about which should be painted, replaced, and which require new lids. The issue will be brought to the attention of the Economic Development Committee of council as it has been in discussion with the Lansdowne Business Association regarding new cans for the business district.
    • Betsy will be asked to find out if the DEP grant will cover the cost of the trash/recycling side-by-side units the committee hopes to purchase for the down town business district; or at least the pro-rated recycling side.
    • The committee authorized the staff to return the recently purchased side-by-side units, as per staff recommendation, since they were not adequately durable.
  • Residential bins.
    • 27 are currently on hand in the borough yard; staff is obtaining quotes. The committee authorized prompt purchase; they can be paid with funds remaining in the DEP grant.
      • According to Ann Ryan PA DEP, we have $5495 remaining until 6/30/10

Oversight of Boards

  • Recreation and Park Board
    • Barbara will regularly attend the meetings; has been receiving and will continue reviewing the minutes.
    • Ellen and Barbara will attend the March meeting to discuss finances of the borough and the board.
    • The committee knows of 2 or 3 people interested in the 2 vacancies; Barbara will discuss with Sherry, chair of the board, and develop a vetting process.
  • Tree Advisory Board
    • There is one known vacancy on the board. Barbara will contact Mary Lou Jennings, chair.


  • Blue Mountain contract. Contract expired 12/31/09; waiting for one additional bid. Expect to be able to bring to full council at the February business meeting.
  • SWANA Recycling report is expected in January or February, 2010.
  • Gateway Park
    • In design and engineering phase. Issue to be resolved with PennDot in regard to the pinch point under the tressle for the bike lane and the width of the street. Engineering completed and design submitted to PennDot for a series of reviews. Once design is approved, bids will go out. PenDot is the funder for the construction of the pedestrian and bike trail.
    • DCNR Grants 2010. April 16 is the due date for an application. For park projects. 50/50 match. The committee discussed the work needed to be done at Reservoir Park. Craig will contact the Recreation and Parks Board.
    • Marlyn Park Master Site Plan. Study group is meeting in late January. About half way through process.
    • Energy provider selection. Craig will follow up with Bob Scott to if bid is required.
    • Houses of worship recycling. The Mayor is following up with a church that inquired about participating in the borough’s recycling program to find out about the quantity they generate before the committee reviews further.

Executive Session

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