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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

February 6, 2008

In attendance: Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle (chair), Stephen Wagner, Craig Totaro


David Bennett, Lansdowne resident and member of the Darby Creek Valley Association:

  • Introduced the idea of an Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC), a citizen advisory committee whose main function is to advise council (
  • There will be an environmental summit Feb. 28th to pursue the issues of clean air and water. Craig Totaro will replace Dave Forrest in the group representing Lansdowne, joining Mr. Bennett and Jayne Young.
  • Pedestrian facilities between The Knoll and the overhanging rock on either side of Scottsdale Road
  • Trail thru Hoffman Park, following the creek, using public parcels owned by Delaware County;
  • Vehicles parking illegally on the sidewalk along Lansdowne Avenue in front of the Wawa presents a danger to pedestrians and those in wheelchairs. Chief Kortan will be notified to ticket offenders.
  • Solid waste dumping and code enforcement.


  • We will invite Barry Malone from the Park and Recreation Board to present their goals and plans.
  • Obtain inventory of existing plans for each of the parks.
  • Craig will provide a monthly update of projects related to each of the parks; including all of public land and snapshot of Delcora, Aqua, etc.
  • Shade Tree Advisory Board. Chair will be invited to give us their goals and vision. Craig will get status of ordinance.
  • Gateway Park. Planning is done; big issue is sewer work to be done. Craig will serve as link to Committee.
  • Learn what plans call for sidewalk and pedestrian amenities. Obtain inventory of where there are no sidewalks in borough.
  • Connect with Education/Recreation Committee as appropriate.


  • Review borough systems and requirements, plans/research that are underway, and obtain recommendations on scheduling trash and recycling. Include businesses, churches, SEPTA, schools, and multi-unit buildings. Jayne Young, Billy Johnson, Craig Totaro and Betsy Riffert will be asked to attend a meeting to provide input.
  • Ensure reporting is accurate.
  • Understand ongoing strategy for increasing recycling participation in the commercial and multi-unit buildings, and bldgs that don’t recycle.
  • Establish marketing/education approach


  • Craig will create a list of compliance requirements.
  • This Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to other committees in order to bring environmental/green perspective to issues on the table.
  • Compile list of outcomes to market the borough internally and externally.
  • Set an environmental agenda with dates, goals.


  • Focus on educating residents; run off, broken pipes, mixing storm and sewer lines.
  • Connect with Infrastructure Committee as appropriate.

The Committee will meet monthly on the 2nd Wednesday at 9:30 am.

Agreed to look at the plastic bags ordinance at the next meeting.

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