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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

December 11, 2008

Attendees: Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle, Craig Totaro, Martyn Murray. Absent Stephen Wagner

Visitors: Suzanne McElroy, resident

  1. Trash/Recycling Program: Schedule, Education, Enforcement
    The committee is interested in increasing recycling in order to: 1) increase recycling income, 2) decrease the annual trash fees that the Delaware County Council has imposed on municipalities, and 3) it’s the right thing to do environmentally. A report on the 2007 Delaware County Diversion Rates indicates the County average is 42%; Lansdowne 22% (Media high 55%).

    Martyn Murray, currently with the Codes dept and previously with Public Works, presented a written report with recommendations and reviewed them with the committee. His input was solicited for consideration in the development of new trash and recycling programs, including education and enforcement. Martyn agreed to participate in future discussions and provide input on the policies the committee develops.

    Trash/Recycling Program and Schedule
    If recycling were picked up once a week instead of once every two weeks, more trash would be diverted to recycling, and the trash pick-up schedule could be cut to once a week except in the summer when it should maintain a twice weekly schedule. The committee will explore this scenario for possible implementation as soon as possible.

    The committee will explore establishing borough-wide composting to ease the massive weight of vegetation that people put in their trash. There could be a number of compost/mulch stations throughout the borough where residents would take their leaves, grass clippings, etc., and where the mulch would be given back to the community.

    Resident Suzanne McElroy expressed her willingness to participate in the development of the education efforts.

    The committee established the following enforcement priorities:

    1. Large apartment complexes
    2. Large businesses
    3. smaller apartments (6-10 units)
    4. Smaller businesses who probably don’t use haulers

    Betsy will be asked to provide the committee with a report asap of all apartments and businesses, by haulers. The committee wants to find out what they are, and aren’t, recycling. Bob Scott will be consulted in regard to enforcement procedures.

  2. Blue Mountain recycling program: earnings/charges for 2009
    Because of commodities market, there is no market for recycling goods and Blue Mountain will not pay the borough for its recycling tonnage for at least 1st quarter of 2009; they may even charge us. The borough budgeted $25,000 for sale of recyclables. We still have the State Grant which earns income to the borough based on tonnage.
  3. Review price summaries – trash/recycling bins for business district and homes

    a. $6791 remaining from DEP recycling grant that can be expended on bins/cans.
    b. 24 gallon tubs for homes: 500-999 @ $8/each. Town stamp on cans $325 fee. Craig will look into Home Depot Fdn. providing funding or free bins. Would cost $4000-$7992.
    c. Bins for train stations (need 4). Ellen will look into what Swarthmore uses. Estimate $349 each.
    d. Both side-by-sides and single bins to be placed throughout the business districts (Shadeland, Marshall, Plumstead, Tudor row at bus stop, corner of Lansdowne and Baltimore, another on Lansdowne Ave). Craig will obtain quotes. Ellen estimates $1000 each. Craig will explore constructing twin corrals for trash and recycling.

  4. Updates

    a.Recycling in schools and ballparks: Ellen reported that the Recreation/Education Committee met with school district reps Joe Otto, Superintendent Bruni, board members Jen Hoff and Charlotte Hummel.

    i.They intend to establish a program at Ardmore School where kids would have recycling bins for paper in each classroom and our crew would pick up. If successful, they would then consider expanding it into the high school.
    ii.Containers for fields (mostly plastic and glass bottles): Bruni is going to draft something and get back to the Education/Recreation Committee. Lansdowne’s public works crew would pick them up. Ellen will follow up at the next Ed/Rec meeting.

    b.Barbara met with State Rep Greg Vitale, who is experienced in progressive environmental public policies. He suggested talking with Bob Bashore in Radnor Twp; Barbara will contact him. Ellen will call Dave Forrest in Norristown.
    c.Resource Network: David Bennett and Suzanne McElroy agreed to serve on this informal residential advisory/research committee. Barbara is speaking with another interested resident. Suzanne McElroy agreed to do some preliminary research on the Philly CarShare program.
    d.Info sharing re Parks: The borough manager does not receive monthly reports from Jeri Steiber. The Environmental Committee would like to see information, reports, recommendations made by the borough staff/Jeri and the Parks and Recreation Board that pertain to the borough’s parks and green spaces on a regular basis.
    e.”Newspaper” boxes. Ellen obtained the telephone numbers for the boxes; Craig will call to ask if they will remove them. After getting his feedback, the committee will consider our options.

Next meeting: February 12, 2009 7pm

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