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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

August 13, 2009

Present: Barbara Silzle, Ellen Lustgarten, Craig Totaro, Jayne Young.
Not Present: Joe Urban
Guest: David Bennett

  • Bike Plan: David Bennett updated the committee on the work of the Planning Commission’s bike plan subcommittee, on which he serves. The plan calls for multiple bike routes throughout the borough that will connect all the parks and the central business district, and will encourage commuting. A path through Marlyn Park is being considered; that can be incorporated into the Marlyn Park Master Site Planning process. The plan would include bike racks; they’ll contact Lansdowne artists.
  • Yard Waste program
    • The borough is exploring an alternative vendor to Mulch-It. County’s site in Chester only takes it one day a month for free. Staff is investing options. Will look at 2010 schedule to see if one of our pickups could go to the county for free.
  • DVRPC County/Municipal Energy and Greenhouse Gas Evaluation Tool. Craig was asked to serve on the Advisory Panel for the project. DVRPC was recently awarded a grant from the William Penn Foundation in support of this work. This grant will help to fund the development of a simple diagnostic tool to assist municipalities and counties in our region as they attempt to identify, prioritize, and evaluate energy efficiency, clean energy, and greenhouse gas reduction actions. The tool will provide illustrative calculations for a set of promising actions. Borough now enters data into Energy Star, EPA.
  • Marlyn Park Master Site Plan: All immediate neighbors received notice of mtg 9/22. Process will intersect with Planning Commission.
  • ABITIBI Paper Retriever: A dumpster to collect and recycle paper is being considered so small borough businesses can dispose of their paper recycling. Tonnage gets reported for state recycling grant. ABITIBI pays the borough by the ton.
  • Baltimore Pike tree. The committee recommends that the tree in front of the hearing aid business that died be replaced by another tree in accordance with the Baltimore Avenue street plan.
  • New Initiatives: Ellen suggested a beautification project to clean up the sidewalks, streets and storm grates. It would be community-wide, could work with LEDC, churches, schools.
  • Updates
    • ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. Research completed; data will need to be entered. Software onto Craig’s computer.
    • Energy Audits. The committee discussed the idea of identifying contractors who would give Lansdowne residents a discount on home energy audits. This issue will discussed with the full council and solicitor at a Business Council meeting.
    • American Rivers. The committee agreed to support Phase 2 of the rain barrel initiative; the borough will generate a letter of support to the Claneil Foundation.
  • Public Comment. David Bennett: inquired about mosquito control; mentioned dragonflies.
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