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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

August 13, 2008

Present: Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle, Stephen Wagner, Craig Totaro.

  • American Rivers, Liz Garland. Discussed two related storm water management projects that American Rivers is doing in Lansdowne in connection with the Elm Street program. Both projects are fundable by grants identified by American Rivers.
    1. Partners DCPD, CAADC, and American Rivers. This Claneil Foundation grant is for $15,000 per year for two years. There is no match required from the borough. If granted, American Rivers would install 25 rain barrels in homes in the Elm Street program neighborhood in the summer of 2009. An additional 25 barrels would be distributed throughout the Borough, although targeting the Elm Street neighborhood. In 2010, an additional 50 rain barrels would be installed and 25 distributed. The project will include an education component for residents.
    2. Coastal Zone Management/DEP (Federal program), grant is due 10/20/08 and would identify areas in the borough where rainwater is problematic and could be managed in a natural way. This project will prioritize the areas, and will propose one project and develop a design to cure one of the areas. This is a $50,000 grant that would require a match from the borough. The Claneil grant could contribute to the match, as well as the labor hours for installing the rain barrels. The borough’s match would be approximately $10,000-$15,000 in 2009, possibly 2010.

    The Coastal Zone Management grant and the borough’s match will be presented to Council at the September business meeting.

  • Visitor’s Comments. Resident David Bennett presented the committee with information about creating an EAC (Environmental Advisory Council) in Lansdowne. The committee will review the information and get back to Mr. Bennett. Mr. Bennett represents an ad hoc committee of the Darby Creek Valley Association and the Delco Concerned Citizens for Environmental Change.
  • Discussed utilization of trash and recycling cans throughout the business districts. The borough’s stock of residential recycling bins is low; Craig will explore the options and report back to the committee.
  • Discussed the tipping fees that Delaware County is imposing on municipalities, turning a tax into a fee. Ellen and Craig are attending a county meeting Monday night.
  • Discussed trash and recycling policies for homes and apartments and will have recommendations to bring to the public works crew in September. A strategy for education and enforcement will be developed after the policies are established. The Finance Committee will review driver salaries.
  • A community research & advisory group to the Environmental Committee may be established. The committee will review the EAC materials and determine at a later date if either of these mechanisms will be established.


  1. Craig and Ellen attended an Open Space Forum hosted by the County. They were seeking feedback on projects or opportunities to incorporate green initiatives that would have an economic impact. No matching funds available.
  2. Shade Tree Ordinance. Next step is to present issues to council for discussion.
  3. Discussed the overlapping concerns of this committee and the Education/Recreation Committee, and how they will be addressed going forward.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 16th, (moved from Wednesday, September 10) at which time the committee will meet with Bill Johnson, Public Works, to discuss the committee’s recommendations for the borough’s waste policies.

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