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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Environmental Committee

April 9, 2008

In attendance: Ellen Lustgarten, Barbara Silzle (chair), Stephen Wagner

There were no public comments


– The Committee reviewed the $93,900 grant awarded by DEP and will recommend that Council accept the grant at the May 7th Council Business Meeting.

– The William Penn School District is establishing a recycling program. Questions to be addressed: Will they collect only paper, or also cans and bottles? If their plan doesn’t include bottles and cans, a possible scenario is that the borough provides recycling containers to the fields and collects them regularly. The total amounts collected by haulers at the schools in Lansdowne (Ardmore and the High School) should be reported to the State so that they are incorporated into the borough’s numbers. All the schools in the WPS get recycling grants from the State, and should therefore report their schools’ numbers to, and receive credit from, the State.

– Recycling bins will be placed at the Lansdowne and Gladstone Septa train stations today. Special permission was received by Septa. The borough will maintain and collect the bins.

– Will investigate obtaining an inventory of portable recycling containers for temporary use/special events at the 20th Century Club, the Farmer’s Market, etc.

– When completed, the committee will review the 2007 Recycling Report that charts the total recycling picked up by haulers from Lansdowne’s apartment complexes, businesses, churches, etc., and determine how to follow up with those who don’t. Betsy will email the committee the final report when it is completed.

– Residential recycling was up 24% from Feb. 2007, when single-stream recycling began in the borough.


– Chairs of the Shade Tree Board (Mary Lou Jennings) and the Recreation and Park Board (Barry Malone) will be invited to attend the Environmental Committee meetings every 3 months, beginning May 14th. This will be an opportunity for the committee to hear about the boards’ goals and plans as they relate to our committee’s charge so we can coordinate and strengthen our efforts on behalf of the borough.

– The draft of a shade tree ordinance will be reviewed with Mary Lou Jennings at the May meeting so we can all understand the objectives and goals of such an ordinance and work together to achieve mutual goals.


– Plastic bags. The committee will read the San Francisco ordinance and educate ourselves to the issues. Initially we will discourage use of plastic bags; focus on education & behavioral changes.

– The committee will investigate ridding the borough of the large, free-standing plastic containers that contain free advertisement publications and are placed along Baltimore Pike and Lansdowne Avenue.


– Gladstone Manor Civic Assoc request:

  1. Request: Installation of water service to the Island at Walsh and DeForest Roads. Response: Recommend the GMCA ask neighbors if they’d be willing to have rain catcher buckets on their property. They should send us a proposal for cost.
  2. Request: Installation of an underground electrical service to the Island park, done with cooperation from PECO, in order to move the electrical service to the PECO light pole underground. (Currently this is the only local light pole of its kind powered by overhead wires; these wires run through the neighborhood holiday tree, limiting its decoration at Christmas). Response: Refer to Craig. Call PECO and explore cost. Is this something a private contractor can do? What are our options?
  3. Request: Removal of the large tree stump on the Island at Walsh and DeForest Roads. The stump is a tripping hazard and interferes with local events. Once the tree stump is removed, the area should be reseeded as lawn. Response: The borough crew will remove the stump. Refer to Craig for action.
  4. Request: Provide approximately $6,000 in funding for materials so that neighborhood volunteers can create and maintain plant beds and pave heavily trafficked areas. Response: GMCA will be asked to provide the Environmental Committee with a breakdown of the budget and a plan for how it will be spent. Cost savings over time, etc. Include seed.
  5. Request: Re-grade and reseed the lawn area at the intersection of Walsh and Baltimore Avenues. Currently, the lawn is lumpy and has many sinkholes where old trees have been removed. In addition, the lawn is growing over the sidewalk along Baltimore Avenue, and pedestrians are often forced to walk through mud and dirt. Response: The borough backhoe will do the re-grading. Coordinate with the GMCA planting schedule so as not to disturb the garden. Refer to Craig for action.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 14 @ 9:30 am

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