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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Education / Recreation Committee
Meeting Minutes

DATE: November 18, 2008

Present: JJU, EL and KL
Visitors: WPSD Superintendent Joseph Bruni, Asst. Superintendent Joe Otto, WPSD Directors Jen Hoff and Charlotte Hummel, Mayor Young

Great extensive discussion on variety of issues. Need to meet again in spring.
Discussed pilot pgm for recycling. Weds afternoon at Ardmore. WPSD must recycle and recyclables will help Borough tonnage. Mayor will f/u with contact at WPSD (Julie and Rita Naylor) and will update Env. Committee.
Discussed Tax Assessments. Need to have better communication btn. WPSD and Borough solicitor.
Will chk with Bob Scott to make sure he is being kept in loop.
Security/police – discussed whether some issues can be handled by school in-house. Our police can bring students NOT charged back to school. We will set up mtg btn. Chief and School Admin to discuss further. Mayor will set up.
After-school/Summer pgms.– school will make facilities available. Library needs to advertise in schools better.

Next meeting: 12/16/08

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