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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Education / Recreation Committee
Meeting Minutes

DATE: May 20, 2008

Present: Joe Urban and Kevin Lee

The following topics we’re discussed at the 5/20 meeting:
1. The Committee decided to request Council to place authority for the parks back under control of this committee. Since the recreation programs (and possible programs) offered in Lansdowne are so intertwined with our parks, the committee believes it makes the most sense to keep parks and recreation together.
2. The committee discussed the fact that the Park & Rec Board has made some headway in being able to offer summer basketball program this summer.
3. The committee discussed instituting a Summer Jobs Program so that local youths can be hired to work for the summer keeping our parks clean and running/staffing summer programs. The workers can perform simple maintenance, and work on weeding, clean-up, inventory and other projects.
4. The committee believes Council should hire a recreation program coordinator to assist Jeri Staiber in selecting and running recreation programs offered in Lansdowne. The individual selected should have experience in running such programs and, ideally, will have experience in seeking and obtaining grants for said programs.
5. The committee will explore, along with Park & Rec Board, Battle of Bands, dances, school choir concerts and establishing a community garden in one of the open spaces.
6. The committee also discussed the need for major upgrades to our parks so that we can increase/improve our recreational offerings.
7. The committee will continue to contact various local schools, groups, etc. re recreational offerings, but a lot of groundwork will rest with volunteers on Park & Rec Board, Jeri Staiber and those interested in particular program.

Next meeting: 6/17/08

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