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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Economic Development & Code Enforcement
Meeting Minutes

October 22, 2009

Committee Members In Attendence: Craig Totaro, Mike Jozwiak, Stephen Wagner, Ellen Lustgarten,

  • Interview Commercial Property Owner from Downtown East Neighborhood
    • Damon Moyer visited and talked about his experiences in the neighborhood.
  • HARB candidate – Interviewed Pam Albee
  • Active Codes Case Property Report
    • Reviewed report
  • 35 & 37 N. Wycombe Discussion (fire-damaged vacant lots caddy corner from Sycamore park)
    • Discussed the current condition and owner’s intent with the property
  • ZHB Interview
    • Candidate did not turn up – will reschedule
  • Update on TV channel
    • Saw first draft and will get hard copy for comment
  • Downtown Walkways update
    • Applying for the TCDI (Transportation Community Development Initiatiove) Grant for these crosswalks.
  • Chicken update
    • Mr. Jozwiak shared an article about the subject with the committee
  • Arts Board nominees
    • Rittenhouse Foundation and the Ethel Sergeant Clard Smith Memorial Fund are worth looking into to get funding for arts activities
    • Craig will look into this fund.
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