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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Economic Development Committee
Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2009

  • Guest: Jim Klingler
    • Mr Klingler asked the committee to consider allowing LED signs in the borough
  • Guest: Sebastian Interlandi
    • Mr. Interlandi asked the committee to consider amending our code to allow for residents to raise live chickens on their property
    • The committee asked Mr. Interlandi to look for examples of legislation in other municipalities that speaks to this provision
    • The committee agreed to seek an opinion from a professional in the animal husbandry field, specifically with experience in raising chickens
  • HARB Discussion – Discuss approval process
    • Agreed to ask Jeff Laufer to meet with ED/Codes committee in June to discuss issues around HARB procedure
    • Asked Mike Jozwiak and Craig Totaro to work on first draft of 30-45 day approval plan
    • Agreed to look for additional HARB committee members
  • Escrow Funds for East Essex Property Update
    • Mike Jozwiak reported that this property is now “water tight” and that they are working on interior design plans
  • Lansdowne TV Interns Update
    • Craig Totaro confirmed that the summer intern will begin on Monday, June 2. Agreed that intern will work with Jen Hoff on PPT template, and John Green and Matt Schultz to gather visuals
  • Arts Plan Discussion
    • Discussed changes to the Arts Plan draft 2 and agreed to add the plan to the agenda for June business meeting
    • Stephen Wagner will distribute the plan to the full council pending email approval from Ellen Lustgarten and Barb Silzle
  • Bed & Breakfast Ordinance Review – need to route for comments
    • Did not discuss, will review next month
  • Review Active Codes Case Property Report
    • Did not receive updated Property Report but did discuss forward movement of key cases
  • Discuss Policy for Properties up for Judicial Sale
    • Agreed that this item had been exhausted at previous council meeting
  • Highland Avenue Parking Lot Passage to Lansdowne Avenue Update
    • Discussed that Stephen Wagner will reach out to property owners adjacent to Mr. Arsenalis’ property
    • Craig Totaro explained that the cyclone fence b/w the Highland Avenue Parking Lot and the back of the properties that front Lansdowne Ave will be taken down this summer
  • TRID update
    • Mr. Totaro explained that plans to apply for the TRID study will be put on hold indefinitely pending more information
  • Dudley Avenue Update
    • Dudly Avenue lots are currently for sale as empty lots by developer
  • Bhounta Samsouk Update
    • Updated committee that the LEDC is actively working with Bhounta on facade designs and interior plan that calls for 2 artists’ lofts and a Thai restaurant.
  • Nominations
    • Vacant Property Review Board
      • Agreed to have Bob Scott amend ordinance to articulate that the Vacant Property Review Board shall consist of: a representative of the Lansdowne Redevelopment Authority, a representative appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Branch of Municipal Government, a representative from the Lansdowne Planning Commission, a representative of the Delaware County Planning Commission, and the chair of the Borouch Council Committee that oversees Zoning Issues
      • Will place the above on the agenda for consideration at the June Business Meeting
  • Redevelopment Authority Update
      • Discussed 4 willing appointees and one potential appointee
      • Committee agreed to make recommendations to Mayor on appointees for possible June business meeting discussion and vote
  • Executive Session Item
Classic Towns
No Place for Hate
Storm Water
Borough Pics