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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Economic Development & Code Enforcement Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2010

  • 7:00 Guest: Miriam Carrow – RCN
    • Is a new marketing person for Delaware County
    • Recapped that RCN has previously donated airtime for advertising the arts festival
    • We let her know of other sponsorship opportunities such as the Union AA fireworks and parade, the continued sponsorship of the Arts Festival, and the possibility of making a contribution to the forthcoming Arts Center and Theater projects
  • 7:30 Guest: Gloria and Mike Carpenter to discuss Real Estate trends in Lansdowne
    • Seeing that buyers right now are first-time homebuyers buying in the 200K range
    • Higher end properties are almost always individuals with ties to University City
    • Seeing young couples without kids, or older and gay couples who will not have kids come to the Borough
    • Feel that market is getting better.  First quarter 2010 was good and beginning of Q2 is looking great.  
    • Explained that foreclosures are not rising the way they are in other places nearby.  
    • The connection to the University is something they, as real estate agents, market to, but feel that a lot of the University City momentum is word of mouth.
    • Selling points about Lansdowne: proximity to airport, city, blue route, the fact that it’s a nice small town with a sense of community.
    • Investment property buyers are gone right now and might not be back any time soon due to the tightening credit from banks.
    • Buyers interested in fixer uppers is a tough market at the moment, but typically Lansdowne does see a good amount of buyers who fit this profile
    • They also market to “House People” –  these are individuals who are looking for history, and unique architectural elements, etc.
    • Seeing a trend of more educated people living in the Borough.
  • 8:30 Guest: Pastor Trevor Woolridge
    • They are looking to try to move the church to have more room and are currently trying to negotiate a move to the site of the former St. John’s congregation.
    • Explained that the church had purchased 130 Bartram Ave, hoping to then buy the Mosley property, and then expand into both. This of course never happened, the Mosley property sold to another family, and 130 Bartram remains an uninhabitable and blighted property with outstanding code violations and citations.
    • We explained that it was imperative that Pastor Woolridge visit the District Court office and resolve the outstanding fines
    • We agreed that we would consider trying to develop a partnership in some way to help bring about rehabilitation to the properties
  • Update on Lansdowne Center property
    • Discussed the current proposal from RBS developer to rehab shopping center and move in food store to vacant large building.
  • Planning Commission Membership and Quorum
    • Agreed to recommend reducing the Planning Commission to 5 people
    • Will ask Solicitor Scott to develop an ordinance to reduce the membership
  • Review Active Codes Case Property Report
    • Update on Ardmore & Stratford property
  • Bond issues for contractors working on large projects in the Borough
    • Item not discussed
  • B&B Ordinance Update
    • Continue to wait for Delaware County Planning Commission Comments
  • Chickens
    • Item not discussed
  • Developer Updates
    • Jonathan Weiss – St. John’s
    • Mentioned that we brought the availability of the St. John’s property to the attention of Jonathan Weiss from Templetown development
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