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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Economic Development Committee
Meeting Minutes

March 26, 2009

  • HLTC Letter
    • Discussed Matt Schultz’ request to have Borough draft a letter offering general support for the historic preservation and revitalization of the Lansdowne Theater
    • Agreed to have Craig Totaro draft a letter, which will be discussed at April business meeting
  • Discuss HARB
    • Discussed our meeting with the Harb from 3/18.
      Agreed that a goal shall be to help establish an approval process for applicants that shortens current time frame
    • Will request another 6PM start time at April HARB meeting for discussion
  • TRID update
    • Disucces that Craig will continue working through paperwork on application for grant to complete TRID study
    • Confirmed that the Borough would be required to put of $25K of $100K, and asked Mr. Totaro to find other opportunities to match or offset Borough’s contribution
  • Highland Avenue Parking Lot Passage to Lansdowne Avenue
    • Discussed willingness of Pete Arsenalis to allow Borough an easement for walking path through property to connect Highland Ave parking lot and Lansdowne Ave
    • Agreed to request that Chief do a safety study
    • Looked into possibility of routing residence/business owners traffic through Borough Lot and getting ingress and egress off of Lansdowne Ave
    • Agreed that Mr. Wagner would work with Main Street Manager to reach out to building owners where Maria’s Hair Care, and Aton’s Medical are to discuss plans
  • Review Problem Property Report
    • Reviewed, and have requested that solicitor follow up on some requests
    • Discussed Codes Dept’s actions to resolve problem properties
  • Lansdowne TV (Review Solicitor’s Comments)
    • Agreed to ask Megan Halsey work with Borough on procuring an intern
  • Specialty Foods Update – Co-op
    • Discussed that LEDC will be taking the lead on a community meeting about starting a food co-op
  • Dudley Avenue Update
    • Reviewed Solicitor Scott’s coorespondence with Dudley Ave party
  • Nominations
    • Vacant Property Review Board
      • Agreed to several appropriate candidates that we will reach out to
    • Redevelopment Authority
      • Agreed to several appropriate candidates that we will reach out to
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