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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Economic Development & Code Enforcement Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2010 

  • Gathered bulletpoints for resolution to COG around contractor registration:
      • Local municipalities left out
      • Decrease in local revenue
      • No regular monitoring by local agency – consumer protection bureau of the state
      • Decrease in protecting residents from shady contractors
      • Taken away our ability to remove licenses from shoddy contractors
      • Makes code office impotent to improve quality control
      • Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act 132
    • Will write letter based on this input and submit to COG to get additional signors
  • Downtown East Neighborhood Meeting Debrief
    • Schedule next meting – 20th Century Club on April 14th – check availability
    • Email out minutes from first meeting, with save-the-date for next meeting
      • Will do
  • B&B Ordinance
    • Put this back on the agenda for April business meeting to send to planning commission for 30-day review
  • Chickens
  • Developer Updates
    • Bhounta from 55 E. Baltimore Ave has been in touch with codes office and is promising to do work on his 3rd floor
    • A southern developer looking to do Grocery store at Lansdowne Center can’t make square footage work
  • Parking – 
    • Asked by residents to develop a strategy for keeping visitors from parking in residential areas and taking up street parking when events are in town and municipal lots are filled
    • Discussed whether the Borough is interested in buying the parking lot at Lansdowne Shopping Center – if possible
    • Will ask for recommendations from Puiblic Safety
  • Discussed adjustment of trash ordinance to provide for B&Bs that one unit is equal to 3 guestrooms for trash fee purposes.
    • This will go to Finance to take forward
  • White Elephants Program
    • Discussed developing a strategy for dealing with large historic  homes in Lansdowne that might otherwise have been candidates for subdivision.
    • Will look into what other communities doing about this
  • ADA Compliance Audit
    • Reviewed results letter from auditor and agreed that codes office will take legitimate recommendations into consideration going forward.
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