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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Economic Development Committee
Meeting Minutes

June 16, 2009

  • Guest: Jeff Laufer
    • Discussed HARB process and agreed to have Mr. Totaro and Mr. Jozwiak develop a flowchart of the Zoning, HARB process
  • Doing Business in Lansdowne (Letter to Historic District, Flyer and Website)
    • Asked Mr. Totaro to draft a letter to HARB properties to inform them of HARB review and new zoning
  • Downtown Walkways
    • Discussed the fact that we are developing plans for 3 downtown walkways:
      • Connection b/w Highland Ave Parking Lot and Lansdowne Ave, via an easement through 21 N. Lansdowne Ave
      • Connection from Madison Ave to Baltimore Ave, behind 22 E. East Baltimore
      • Pedestrian Crosswalk in front of theater
    • Will need to identify funding sources for these plans
  • Senate bill 997
    • Discussed Pensylvania Senate bill 997 which affects the issuance of U and Os. It appears that Lansdowne will be unaffected by the proposed changes
  • Chicken update
    • Still need to identify an expert consultant to meet with us
  • Lansdowne TV Interns Update
    • Intern Jared Jones came to visit and talk about his progress in obtaining assets for the borough TV PPT presentation
    • Shared with Jared, our desires for content in the presentation
    • Will have a presentation by end of summer at the latest
  • Arts Plan and Arts Board nominees
    • Discussed a few potential arts board nominees
  • Bed & Breakfast Ordinance Review
    • Discussed the Solicitor’s recommendations for the Bed and Breakfast ordinance, recorded our edits, and have asked for the Boroug Manager to prepare the ordinance for discussion at the July business meeting
  • Review Active Codes Case Property Report
    • Reviewed report
  • Nominations
    • Vacant Property Review Board
      • Update on Discussion with John Pickett
        • Solicitor owes us a report on a discussion with John Pickett about the county planning department’s willingness to assign a representative to our vacant property review board
    • Redevelopment Authority Update
      • Have potential 5th board member
      • Will obtain resumes/letter of interest
      • Will make recommendation to Mayor for appointments in July
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