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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Economic Development Committee
Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2008

In attendance: Stephen Wagner, Sharon Coleman, Barbara Silzle, Craig Totaro

  • Discussed our schedule of meetings, and who will attend those meetings and with what frequency. Stephen will coordinate with Gary Chilutti, Bill Brown, Craig Totaro, and Mike Jozwiak on their availability and set a regular meeting date.
  • Agreed that we will have a property maintenance report to discuss at the Feb 6th meeting, and that the property maintenance report is to track progress, and present alternatives for dealing with problems.
  • Discussed of Harb and Zoning Hearing Board mechanics, and possible person to be Council’s ambassador for the zoning approval process. Craig will follow up with Bob Scott on some of the specifics around how this job role has been developed in other municipalities.
  • Discussed zoning hearing board membership and whether there is a need for additional members. Agreed to add a motion to the agenda for the Feb 6th business meeting to increase the number of Zoning Hearing Board members from 3 to 5. The ED committee recommends doing this.
  • Agreed that we will invite HARB chair, Zoning Hearing chair, and Planning Commission chair to our next committee meeting for orientation discussion. Craig will provide Steve with the contact info for the chairs.
  • Will invite Pat Arone from LBPA to a future committee meeting to touch base.
  • Discussed Baltimore Avenue Plan. April 9th will be a “developer’s fair” at the Clifton Firehouse from 9-2pm. Will be attended by Gary Chilutti, Craig Totaro and Sharon Coleman.
  • Discussed South Lansdowne neighborhood revitalization plan to make sure that work continues in implementing the strategy. Discussed options for promoting the multi-unit conversion funds and agreed that Mr. Totaro would plan a mass mailing to area real-estate brokers, and will promote via televised meetings. We will continue to discuss promotional options.
  • Looking forward, we will plan to invite a borough finance director or other Grant stakeholders to meetings as needed.
  • Reviewed list of priorities of committee, and identified long-term projects that require future discussion
  • Discussed the importance of arts activities and support for development of Arts Board or Commission
  • Discussed benefits and challenges around idea of collegiate level performing/fine arts institution
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