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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Economic Development & Code Enforcement
Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2010

  • St. John’s Church
    • Susan Evans came to visit. She represents “Friends of St. John’s the Evangelist”.
    • Friends of St. John’s the Evangelist is an entirely independent group
    • All valuable and reusable assets of the property have been removed.
    • Property is now owned by the Episcopal Dioces of PA
    • No sexton is looking after the property – they are looking to sever utilities, etc.
    • Goal is to encourage the Dioces to find a good use for the property
    • Would like a letter regarding our position around the property and our willingness to partner with the Dioces to bring about an appropriate and beneficial use of the property. Would like to have this in the next two weeks
  • Downtown East Neighborhood Meeting
    • Will put together an Agenda for the Downtown East Neighborhood Meeting for consideration at the February ED/Codes meeting
  • Review Active Codes Case Property Report
    • Ask Mayor Young to invite Judge Profetti to one of our next committee meetings
  • State Regulation on Permit Fees
    • The state is now requiring contractors to register with the state, and therefore, Lansdowne will lose contractor registration revenue
    • Discussion was had around whether we need to institute other fees to cover this loss of revenue
  • B&B Ordinance
    • Will revisit this next month
  • RDA Membership Update
    • Will receive letter if interest from Tony Compuzano
  • Discussion Stuff
  • Downtown trash cans
    • Decided to kick this to the Environment committee.
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