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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Economic Development Committee
Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2009

  • HARB Discuss
    • Met with HARB and members of the planning commission and built consensus around putting together a flow-chart that demonstrates the HARB/Zoning/Building Permits approval process
  • Escrow Funds for East Essex Property
    • Property appears to have ongoing work
    • Property will continued to be monitored as work is continuing
  • Lansdowne TV Update (Intern Interviews)
    • Mr. Totaro interviewed interns and will have them for the summer to develop content for the Lansdowne RV channel
    • Jen Hoff will donate a PPT template
    • John Green and Matt Schultz will dedicate photography
  • Arts Plan Discussion
    • Committee reviewed the first draft of the Arts Plan and provided comments
    • Mr. Wagner will revise based on committee’s comments and circulate again
    • Next steps are to then circulate to full council for comment
  • Area 5 Rankings
    • Looked at these results and Mr. Totaro explained that he will take it under advisement as initiatives in Lansdowne roll out, we can align with the Area 5 objectives
  • Bed & Breakfast Ordinance Review
    • Reviewed Swarthmore’s ordinance on this. Made some notes on their ordinance. Will route among committee and solicitor and revisit next month.
  • Review Problem Property Report
    • Properties for Judicial Sale 5/6
      • 149 BARTRAM AVE
      • 1 ELDON AVE
      • 80 S UNION AVE
      • Agreed to discuss a strategy for how to deal with these properties at the next council meeting.
    • Properties for upset sale
      • 260 Green – Next upset sale is not until Fall. Bob will not get list until the Summer sometime
    • Note: Judicial sale goes to the highest bidder free & clear, upset sale pays all taxes and liens
  • Highland Avenue Parking Lot Passage to Lansdowne Avenue Update
    • Will revisit next month
  • TRID update
    • Mr. totaro will send out outline for council to review and will discuss at the next Business Meeting
  • Resident’s request to raise Chickens on his property
    • Discussed briefly and asked the Borough Manager to gather copies of all legislation that regulates fowl on property for next month’s meeting.
    • Have invited resident to come to May committee meeting
  • Dudley Avenue Update
    • Mr. Totaro and Mr. Scott are making recommendations to contractor on desirable building types.
  • Nominations
    • Vacant Property Review Board
    • Redevelopment Authority
      • Discussed status of recruitment and will update the group next month.
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