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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Economic Development & Code Enforcement Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2010

  • Guest: Marie-Louise Faber, Planning Commission Candidate
    • Interviewed Marie-Louise and will be recommending her for Planning Commission pending getting her resume
  • Downtown East Neighborhood Meeting Debrief
    • Mr. Jillson stopped by Borough Hall and said that the American Legion may be interested in donating small trash cans that can be attached to poles in the neighborhood.
    • Agreed to do next meeting in Sycamore Park (assuming the weather allows) on June 24th at 7pm
  • Review Active Codes Case Property Report
    • Discussed the need to look into Bond issues for contractors working on large projects in the Borough
    • Asked codes department to investigate why work has not been completed on the front porch of 74?Ardmore Ave (former fire-damaged property)
  • B&B Ordinance Update
    • Ordinance was delivered to County for review
  • 35 & 37 N. Wycombe Discussion (fire-damaged vacant lots caddy corner from Sycamore park) update
    • No activity here.
  • Chickens
    • No discussion
  • Developer Updates
    • The owner of Ardmore Court Apartments visited us and discussed his very successful endeavor in the past 6 months of upgrading apartments and filling them with tenants.¬†
  • Parking¬†
    • Discussed strategy for keeping visitors from parking in residential areas and taking up street parking
    • Agreed that we will collaborate with Public Safety on this item
    • Will look into whether the Borough is interested in buying the parking lot at Lansdowne Shopping Center
  • White Elephants Program – What else are other communities doing about this?
    • Will invite Gloria and Mike Carpenter to come in and talk with us about a multitude of real estate issues, including strategies for maintaining large homes
  • Main Street Manager Replacement
    • Discussed the fact that Rachel Van Tosh will be taking over for Michael Grant as LEDC Main Street Manager starting 5/1/10
  • Status on other committees
    • Planning Commission
    • ZHB
    • HARB
    • Arts Board
    • LEDC
    • LBPA
    • Codes appeals board
    • RDA
    • Vacant Property Review Board
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