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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Overnight Parking Update

Lansdowne Borough Ordinance #1100 (as revised) prohibits parking on ALL streets in the Borough between the hours of 2AM and 6AM seven (7) days a week. Residents who do not have provisions for off-street parking or who have more cars than they can safely park off-street may apply for an annual overnight parking permit. Parking permits are obtained from the Lansdowne Police Department and are currently $40 per year.

Download 2017 Parking Permit Application

ALL Overnight Parking Permits expire on December 31 of the current year, regardless of when the permit was purchased. The purchase price is pro-rated based on the month in which you purchase a permit. Permits for the next year can be purchased as early as October of the current year. If you have a valid permit for the current year, then the fee is $40. If you do not have a valid permit for the current year then the fee is adjusted to include the additional months in the current year. When applying for a permit, you must bring a valid registration for the vehicle for which you are making application. You must bring cash, check or money order. (The Police Dept. does not accept credit cards).

Parking Permit is only valid for the vehicle for which it was registered. PERMITS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. If you sell or replace your vehicle you can obtain a replacement permit for the remainder of the current year for free. In order to qualify for the free replacement permit you must remove the old permit and bring it to the police station when you apply for the replacement permit. You must also bring in the registration for the new vehicle and fill out a new application form. Without the old permit, you will be required to purchase a new permit at a pro-rated fee for the remainder of the current year.

Permits should only be displayed as indicated on the application form. If you do not display the permit as advised and receive a ticket, you will be responsible for the fine incurred.

Any resident who has guests that stay overnight can get permission for those guests to park overnight on the street. The Lansdowne Police Dept. has a message center for Overnight Parking. Simply call 610-623-7677 to register the vehicle that will be left out overnight. To prevent abuse of this exception, no vehicle may be placed on the Overnight Parking List for more than five days in any 30 day period. When calling, you must provide the Make, Model, Color, License plate number and location (address) where the car will be parked. You must also call before 1AM of the morning in which the car will be parked on the street. Failure to provide ALL the information, or call before 1AM could result in a parking ticket being issued.

In emergency situations where a car needs to be placed on the list after 1AM, you should dial 911 and ask for an officer to call you so you can report the vehicle directly to an officer. The officer will insure that your car is placed on the list and will note the time of your call. If you place the call to the Parking Permission List after 1AM, you will risk being ticketed.

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