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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Applications and downloads

To provide better service to the our realtors, property owners, residents and contractors, registration and permit applications along with rental and zoning applications are online and can be found under the forms section listed below:

1. Application and Affidavit for a Conditional Use and Occupancy Certificate (pdf)
2. Building Permit Application (pdf)
3. Contractor Registration Application (pdf)
4. Dumpsters and Storage Container Permit (pdf)
5. Electrical Permit Application (pdf)
6. Mechanical Permit Application (pdf)
7. Plumbing Permit Application (pdf)
8. Rental Property Application (pdf)
9. Solicitation Application (pdf)
10. Resale Inspection Certificate (pdf)

All permits must be signed for at Borough Hall when approved or the permit/s will be considered not approved or issued.

All inspections must be called for when required or delays of the project could result from opening walls covered up without inspections for framing, plumbing or electrical work.

Work completed, but not inspected with become the liability of the Contractor to provide proof that all work was completed in accordance with applicable codes.

All Home Improvement Contractors working on One and Two Family dwellings must be registered under the new PA State Law with the PA Attorney Generals Office. Contractors working on a dwelling with 3 or More units must still be registered with the Borough of Lansdowne.

All Zoning applications require an interview with the Zoning Officer to ensure the scope of project complies with the new zoning code.

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