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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Tree Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2009

Present: Mary Lou Jennings, Helen Marcarelli, Joe Parsio, Elsie Mueller, Jack Kelly, Park & Recreation Board Liaison.

Absent: Terry Ponton

Treasury Report: $742.01.
$25.00 was spent for each of the 11 trees purchased and 20 more gator bags were purchased.

Minutes: Approved 8/12/09 Minutes

Old Business:

  1. Arts Festival: Mary Lou reminded the board that a would be set up at the Arts Festival with information and a signup sheet for volunteers for the Baltimore Ave Corridor planting in November. Times were picked by the members to cover the table this Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-5PM. It was suggested to wear the Tree Tenders shirt and we would be part of the community table.
  2. Sea Grant Program: Postponed until the start of school.
  3. Dying Tree: The board again discussed the dying tree planted in front of the Hearing Aid Business and if the tree should be replaced, removed and concrete put back in or a shrub put in the trees place. It was mentioned that the Borough’s Environmental Group decided it would replace the tree. The Tree Board discussed possibly with a white ash or red oak.

New Business:

  1. Fall TreeVitalize: The committee discussed the 11 trees that were ordered for the Fall through TreeVitalize for $25.00 each to be given away to residents of Lansdowne. Mary Lou noted the type of tree and that approximate size it would grow to.

    1 Prairie Fire Crabapple
    3 Prunus cerasifera ‘Thundercloud’ ‘Thundercloud’ Cherry Plum
    3 ‘Jeffers Red’. Maple, Autumn Blaze
    3 Frank’s Red Red Sunset Red Maple
    1 Acer nigrum. Black maple

    The board discussed planting an American Chestnut at the Friend’s School For a speaker for Arbor Day, April 30, 2010 the board discussed an article in Town Talk about Noah Lewis who portrays the African American Revolutionary War hero Edward “Ned” Hector.

  2. Marlyn Park: The hedges had been cut and shrubs planted along the real property line at the entrance. There would also be a meeting next week for the neighbors’ whose yards ran along the park the week to discuss the master plan for the park.

Next meeting: October 14

Respectfully submitted,

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