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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Tree Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2009

Present: Mary Lou Jennings, Helen Marcarelli, Joe Parsio, Terry Ponton

Absent: Elsie Mueller, Jack Kelly (Park & Rec Board Liaison)

Treasury Report: $742.01 (no monies spent during month)
Some of this money will be used for the volunteer lunch for the Baltimore Avenue Corridor Project on Saturday November 21st.

Minutes: Approved 9/9/09 minutes with the correction of removal of Don Verlenden as guest at the meeting.

Old Business:

  1. Dying Tree: The board again discussed the dying tree planted in front of the Hearing Aid Business. The tree will be replaced in the spring, to be sure that the tree is indeed dead.

New Business:

  1. Fall TreeVitalize: The 11 trees will be available Thursday November 4th. The trees will be picked up by the Borough in Collegeville. Mary Lou will match the types of trees received against the properties where they are going. The Borough will deliver the trees to the residents.
  2. River Keepers: River Keepers will be working at Hoffman Park Saturday October 24th. Volunteers will be needed to pull weeds, etc. to help stabilize the park – possibly Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts?
  3. Baltimore Corridor Project: Saturday November 21st will be the day of planting the trees. The board discussed the list of 130 Proposed Tree Pits for the Baltimore Corridor Project. 30 trees will be planted in Lansdowne and East Lansdowne in November with the hope that the balance can be purchase and planted in the spring. TreeVitalize will be paying for the concrete cuts. Letters will be going out to the merchants asking them to respond if they want trees rather than before when the letters asked them to respond only if they did not want a tree planted. The volunteers will be contacted with the date of the planting. There was further discussion of supplies that would be needed for the day of planting.
  4. Terry Ponton: The board thanked Terry Ponton for her hard work with the Borough and the Tree Board and the Lansdowne Theater.

Next Meeting: November 11th

Meeting Adjourned: 7:55

Respectfully submitted,
Joe Parsio

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