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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Tree Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes

November 11th 2009

Present: Mary Lou Jennings, Jack Kelly (Park & Recreation Board Liaison),
Helen Marcarelli, Elsie Mueller, Joe Parsio


Treasury Report: $742.01 ML purchased planting tools and a soil knife for about $90 from AM Leonard but these were not paid for yet. Some of this money will be used for the volunteer lunch for the Baltimore Avenue Corridor Project on Saturday November 21st.

Minutes: Approved 10/14/09 minutes.

Old Business:
Fall TreeVitalize: Helen and ML oversaw the loading of the 11 trees. The dead crabapple from an earlier planting was replaced. ML and JP helped plant one of the 11 trees on Sunday the 8th. All receivers were glad to get their trees. Possible give away in spring 2010 but a minimum of 10 trees need to be ordered.

River Keepers: River Keepers is no longer River Keepers. Volunteers put collars around earlier planted trees and cleared away evasive Porcelain Berry along the back of Hoffman Park, Saturday October 24th. There were approximately 8 community service workers a few girl scouts and a few students from Penn Wood High School.

Baltimore Corridor Project: Saturday November 21st on schedule with “bad weather” date of the next Saturday. 17 trees will be planted in Lansdowne and 13 in East Lansdowne. Upper Darby’s tree volunteers are being organized by Joe Mylotte. Elsie will do registration/release forms. Trees will be delivered Thursday. ML and Helen will tag trees Thursday or Friday.
5 red maple Armstrong, 6 swamp white oak, 6 london plane, 5 little leaf Lyndon Redmond, 2 japanese lilac, 2 service berry, 6 thornless honey locust. Trees will be balled and burlaped. Letters did not go out to the merchants were the trees will be planted. There should be enough volunteers to take the gator bags off the trees planted last fall. Lunch for 50 people should run about $350.

New Business:
At the Community Urban Forest Convention Lansdowne received the Community Urban Forest Service Award for its part in the Baltimore Ave Corridor Project.. Craig gave a power point presentation at the convention.

Lansdowne also received the Classic Town Award for being a Tree City for 15 years.

There is now an empty space on the Board due to Terry Ponton’s leaving. Board discussed replacements: Sunny Best, Don Furlander, June Beal, possibly one of our Tree Tender members?

Next Meeting: December 9th

Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 PM

J. Parsio
Head of Access Services
University of Pennsylvania
Biddle Law Library
3460 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3406

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