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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Tree Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2010

Mary Lou Jennings, Jack Kelly (Park & Recreation Board Liaison), Helen Marcarelli, Elsie Mueller, Joe Parsio, Joyce Prentis, Erica Sollberger (Director, Parks & Recreation)


Treasury Report
$1280 paid for the trees for the residents and cost of a crowbar. Remaining in treasury $238.

The minutes from the October 13th, 2010 meeting were read and approved.

Old Business:

Baltimore Corridor Project: Sixty-six trees will be planted on November 20th, continuing along the corridor to Church Lane, including replacement of 22 dead trees. The Borough will remove the dead trees with a back hoe and pick up planting tools from UC Green ahead of time. Volunteers will meet at 8:30 at the East Lansdowne Municipal parking lot. There will be a possibility of a tent there for lunch if it is raining. That will also be the last day of the Farmers Market so we may not be able to us one of their tents. Board looked over the list of volunteers from other years for contacts. There will also be a tree planting photo contest.

Trees for Residents: 32 trees were delivered to residents November 5th. All were beautiful trees. The Board discussed that if the residents had to purchase the trees themselves many would cost retail between $60 – $70 and the red oak possibly $106.

Joyce Prentis purchased the stake driver from Home Depot for planting trees with money from Tree Vitalize.

Park Survey: Erika has the list from the survey done by the Board and work might start next week.

New Business:

Tree Campus USA: M.L. attended the conference program. It was very well attended and one key note was that “trees are the foundation of our environment.” There are 2 awards given each year, one for the Tree City Program and one for the Tree Growth Program. Under one of the programs the utilities come and show how to trim trees.

Miscellaneous: E.M. spoke about the worth of trees, including joy, shade, storm water, and noted the borough should have a “welcome packet” for new residents that also contain tree board information in it. Board discussed that a tree needs to live 7 years before it really adds to the environment.

E.S. mentioned the use of the 20th Century Club Library for Tree Board Meetings.

Next Meeting
The Next meeting will be Wednesday, December 8th , 2010.

Meeting Adjourned

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