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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Tree Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2010

Mary Lou Jennings, Helen Marcarelli, Elsie Mueller, Joe Parsio, Joyce Prentis,

Jack Kelly (Park & Recreation Board Liaison)

Treasury Report
There was no report.

The minutes from the May 12, 2010 meeting were read and approved.

Old Business

Baltimore Corridor Project: The Board continued to discuss the caring of the trees planted on Baltimore Ave. in East Lansdowne and Upper Darby. Tree Vitalize has a summer 2010 Tree Care Mini Grant Program. $1,000 would be provided towards wages to pay two students for 10 hours/week for 10 weeks to care for the recently planted trees. Mary Lou has submitted the application by the June 4th deadline and contacted East Lansdowne to provide someone to oversee the project. The students could start June 28th. There was also the possibility of the CAP volunteers to do the watering or provide the person to oversee the Grant Program students.

Since East Lansdowne did not have money budgeted for gator bags for the trees planted Mary Lou said there was a possibility of Jason Lubar from Morris Arboretum getting them bags.

The Board discussed the shape of the trees from the various plantings along the Baltimore Corridor. There will be 25 more trees planted and possibly the business owners can care for the trees in the future.

New Business

Free trees to Residents: The last shipment of trees came in straw and the trees do not seem to be doing as well, most still seem very small.

The Board discussed getting the Tree Tender group members in Lansdowne to weed and care for the trees planted and the grounds around Borough Hall.

The Board also discussed the possibility of planting ML’s red oak along the municipal parking lot across from the Regency Café and the Theater. ML will need to get permission from the Borough for the Board to plant.

Visit from Mayor Jane and members of Giac Lam Temple at 131 Nyack Avenue. The Temple members wanted the public to use the Temple garden. They wanted to get suggestions for plantings that would make their garden more inviting. Board members suggested they advertise the Temple in the Lansdowne paper since most residents have no knowledge of the Temple. The Board also suggested the free trees in the fall.

Next Meeting
Wednesday July 14th 2010

Meeting Adjourned

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